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HIV from frottage

I was getting a private lap dance. The female dancer noticed my penis was hard and started masturbating me (we practiced mutual masturbation and also kissed for a couple of minutes). She later grabbed my penis and rubbed against her vagina (which it was wet) for about 2-3secs. I freaked out and pushed her off. I was not wearing protection but my penis was exposed to her vaginal fluids. I'm sure not more than the head of my penis got in her vagina (rubbed against her labia). 3 days later I was sick (fatigue, swolen glands/tonsil, some coughing). The doctor diagnosed me with sinus infection gave me a shot and anti-biotics for 10days. I felt a little better, but then 2 weeks after the exposure I developed a sore throat, got one tiny white spot on my tongue and a little diarrhea that lasted 2days, went back to the doctor but he said that it was not strep throat, yet he gave me another shot and more abs. I did the oraquick test 3 weeks after exposure and came back negative and was told to take another test 3months after the exposure.

It's been 32 days since the exposure and I still have a minor sore throat, 98-99 tempeture/sweat at night, no rash (THANK GOD) but I'm freaking out!

What are the chances of getting HIV from penis/vagina frottage and her vaginal fluids getting in my urethra?  Could it be Mono?  

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hiv is transmitted INSIDE the body...when a penis is INSIDE a vagina / anus.

you had NO risk and further testing is not warranted
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Thanks Lizzie!

I'm just concern because I still have sore throat (does not bother me), no coughing, no fever, no rash but a little fatigue....I wonder what it is? Could it be mono or any other std?  
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this forum is hiv specific and no one here can try and diagnose your concerns.   see your dr...its not hiv related
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