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HIV from tattoo?

So I got a tattoo on my back done when I went to Japan. The tattoo place was near a mall and very popular. Big enough studio vs hole in wall in dark alley. I had translator person with me a guy that speaks Japanese.

I laid down on covered plastic thing like at a doctors office type chair thing. They had gloves on and did tattoo thing with the gun. They changed needles before started on me so thought it was ok until I read online month later that if they had the same ink I could get infected. I never checked if they changed the ink too. I didn’t think about the blood in the ink from previous person getting in me. What is the risk. Happened 30 mins to hour Atleast between people. Can it. Live in ink waiting. Thanks you
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It is theoretically possible, but in reality, not a risk.  No one has been infected with HIV in the 40+ year history of HIV from tattoo ink.  Also, a shop that takes the precautions you mentioned is NOT going to be putting people at risk for HIV - or Hep C, which is far more common and easier to get infected with.  I'd forget about this entirely and not test.  You're not going to be the first person infected this way.
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Interesting, thank you for the heads up and advice.
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I did google around and found only very old 2005-2009 concerns. Only recent one about tattoos are from men’s health website under hiv 6 things you didn’t know about it living in ink and combining everyone’s blood then going into open wounds.

Can’t find any case stuff though like you said so that’s good. Guess I was more worried about foreign places that may not be up to date.
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If you don't stop Googling you will just get more anxious, because you can usually find someone who lies and claims you can die in the next 10 minutes from anything you plan to do. The first step to peace is to quit googling for death cold turkey.
You are right, I think that was my first mistake was to google anything because most don’t have any sources.  Thank you for assuring me that mostly nonesense I read haha
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Why would you assume that a tattoo place in Japan wasn't using proper sanitary practices? Japan is one of the few (if not the only) first world country in asia. They are technologically more advanced then most other countries in asia.
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American tattoo articles skewed my views a bit. Said Japan, China ect. Easier to get infected.
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