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HIV from toothpaste

Hi All,
I was at a brothel lately where I had a condom slip. I am still being monitored. 2 weeks later my son has used my toothpaste I have bleeding gums. I was my toothbrush after and before. I am worried I may have infected him is this possible?
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Your son would not be at risk from sharing toothpaste or toothbrushes with you.  As you have likely been told, HIV is spread through unprotected vaginal sex or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Saliva inactivates the virus.  Air does as well.  A toothbrush would not transmit HIV.  Objects do not transmit HIV.  Your son is fine.
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You have many threads about your hiv phobia, so should see a therapist who might be able to help you live a normal life instead of thinking hiv is everywhere and going to infect someone from toothpaste. Since you had so much advice before, I will say your idea of toothpaste infection is silly.
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