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HIV in saliva


First off, thank you for taking the time to answer my question. My question is as follows:

A few nights ago I was walking down a street at night and I heard someone make a "spit" or "sneeze" sound and it may have come into contact with my face as I felt something wet on my nose. Now I am aware that HIV cannot be transmitted through saliva and that it is contracted through sex, needle sharing, and mother to child. However, I would like to ask if there was any risk here if the saliva did contain blood and that blood hit my lips or eye. Do I need testing? Thanks again for a reply!
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No risk and no need to test.
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Hi Teak,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I know this site is not designed as an HIV information site, rather a risk assessment site, but out of curiosity can HIV be transmitted through saliva if therevis blood present? Thanks
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If you really are intrested in medicin and transmission then yes, HIV is found in saliva even if youre not bleeding, altough in an inactive and unpacked form so its not contaigous and there is no risk for infection. Theorethically viruses can infect through eyes, since it is an immunoprivileged site, or through open wounds (blood-blood) for that matter. You however had NO RISK. Listen to teak.
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Hi JaBerz,

Thanks for taking the time to reply! I'm really not anxious or concerned over this anymore. I'm just trying to become more educated, as I have never studied medicine.
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