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HIV infection from Saliva/Phlegm

Can HIV be transmitted from someone hocking a phlegm ball/spit in your mouth and you swallow it? Sounds crazy but it happened. Just had an Ora-Quick Rapid RecombigenHIV-1 Antibody test done (9.5 week mark)and was negative. Even if this person had HIV, would the test at 9.5 weeks post exposure pick it up, or would I have to retest? Thanks.
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NO, this wouldn't be a risk.  

Saliva and phlegm is not infectious.
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Thank you nursegirl6572. Only reason I was concerned is this rash I started getting the other day. Now I have it on my chest shoulders upper arms and legs. Not a lot established in one area, but a few raised red bumps and some have pustules on them and break. I know it isnot HIV if you say can't be passed that way, but would an Ora-Quick test be accurate at 9.5 weeks?
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IF you had had a real risk, your test would be very reassuring and highly unlikely to change, but we would tell you that a 3 month test would be necessary for a conclusive result.

Don't give it one more thought.
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Thank you... I am having blood drawn tomorrow for my annual physical (cholesterol, triglicerides, etc) Would it be worth while to have them check for HIV then, or would the results be the same as from the Ora-Quick test?
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You aren't listening, or comprehending.

You do NOT have an HIV risk based on this scenario, so why are you continuing to seek out HIV tests?

Seek professional help if you cannot accept that you had no risk.
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Nursegirl, just worried if the person had blood in their phlegm/spit ball I swallowed...
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I have nothing more to add, you did not have a risk.  One needs to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex, or share needles to get infected with HIV.  End of story.
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So, I guess I am mis-informed about HIV transmission through blod.
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Yes, you are.

HIV cannot maintain it's infectiousness outside of the host (body), which is why it takes insertive sex, or sharing of IV drug works to lead to infection.  The phlegm (containing any blood) would have been exposed to the air, rendering the virus inactive.  On top of that, human saliva contains dozen of proteins and enzymes that inhibit the virus.

You did NOT have a risk.
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Ok thanks. So air kills the virus?
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