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HIV infection from used condom

I've been in dialogue with both Teak and Rainmaker wrt to this episode, but I have new facts and grave concerns.   I had protected oral and vaginal with a Mazatlan MX csw.  I was too naive to have made a fuss when I didn't see any packaging.   The condom stayed intact and appeared in good shape when I rolled it off.    I returned to Canada to my normal life and had unprotected sex with a my partner who complained of itchiness some days later.  At day 10, I developed pain (not related urination) in last few cm of my penus and went to the STD clinic on day 13  where they did a swap/urine NAAT and blood, including HIV antibody (This is a wealthy province and I assumed DUO testing, but later found out that  DUO test is available only upon special request).   I also went to my GP on day 20 to repeat the tests (HIV antibody).  The common feedback was "you used a condom so there isn't much to worry about."  

I had stopped having sex as soon as the my pain appeared.  I was able to arrange business trip to wait 10 days on all the results, which came back negative.   My GP indicated that it was nothing so get on with my life.  The pain at that time had become ephemeral so I made a terrible mistake and had unprotected sex again and a few days later she subsequently developed vaginal/cervix that was followed a few days later with a day of fever, night sweats, chills and fatigue.   For my part, the penus pain disappeared after some 20 days, but I developed a stiff neck and obvious swelling (neck and right clavicle) that lasted for 4 weeks out until week 7.    I returned to my GP who repeated the STD panel - negative and the HIV antibody (negative at day 44).   I obviously disclosed the situation to my partner who's GP characterized her cervix as having a red halo and discharge which was sampled and ordered a full STD panel and HIV Duo test - we now await the results.   Her initial fever/nausea/fatigue lasted a few days and returned 3-4 weeks later, which is her present condition.  

Terrifying and stupid.   I gone over this a 1000 times and the only possible source of infection that I can see was the possibility of an undetectable trick. infection and/or some other infection that came from a used condom.   I know the HIV virus dies quickly when outside the body, but we're looking at a possible horrific outcome.  Please advise.  
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We can't keep repeating ourselves over and over.  You never had a risk!

I suggest you take the advice of your user name...stop it already.  You are cauing unneeded anxiety in a risk free scenario.

Time for you to move on, there is nothing else we can do for you.  You don't have an HIV concern, and this is an HIV forum.
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