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HIV infection

I am a 28 years old male...I had a protected vaginal intercourse with a sex worker...and unprotected oral sex with her....In the same night...i shaved the hair near on my groin area and i had some cuts there...
the female sex worker HIV status is unknown...after about three weeks from possible exposure...i was suffering from a sore throat (no fever, no rashes, no flu like symptoms except a sore throat with phlegm)...I’m still suffering from it right now...(after 54 days from possible exposure)...I had an HIV test on the 28th day after the possible exposure...the test was HIV 1 and 2 Ag/Ab..the result was negative...I took two tests again on the 34th day...the two tests were: HIV 1 and 2 Ag/Ab and Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV) by RT-PCR,QNT and two tests results came back negative...I saw an Otolaryngology doctor, and he gave me an antibiotic....but my sore throat doesn't seem to be healing... although I am done with the antibiotic.. and although he told me he couldn't find anything in my throat...my questions are:
1. could the sore throat (1 month for now) be a symptom of HIV?
2. How long does a sore throat last if someone is infected by HIV?
3. Do the cuts increase the risk of having HIV specially from Oral sex?
4. Are the tests i have taken assuring/conclusive? what do they tell you?
5. i am planning to take a test after three months from possible exposure (for my peace of mind)...which test should i take? Combo, ELISA, PCR, etc...

please answer the five questions separately
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Not an HIV concern.
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please answer the five questions separately
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No reason to answer, you never had an exposure.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug users
Mother to child

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ok got it...but will you please answer the five questions...if you can't, then please do not comment
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Your questions are irrelevant. You never had an exposure. Find something realistic to worry about.
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