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Hi, i'm on my first week of PEP after an incident in Thailand. The clinic gave me Truvada and Edurant, I take one of each at lunch everyday.

The incident was with a CSW at a massage parkour in BKK. Body to body contact, unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex. BUT then i noticed the condom was on the wrong way, i proceeded to just flip it (stupid of me). Now all the vaginal fluid have been isolated and rubbed against my penis and maybe came inside the hole. I later noticed a lot of blood, apparently it was her first day of period. I then stopped and panicked after 15-25 sec. So i had an intercourse with a flipped condom in less than 30 sec.
Maybe there were some blood in the condom when i flipped it, i don't know for sure because it was really dark.

additional info is that i've shaved my pubes 3-5 hours prior to the intercourse. She also said that they all get tested every three months, and that every customers uses condom. (under my visit she had a condom ready)

Can vaginal fluid and menstrual blood transit HIV virus? I've read that the virus instantly becomes inactive when in contact with air. And that the virus cannot replicate itself outside the host. This info has been very different everywhere.

I asked someone that has an it knowledge and he said that i had a very low risk incident, is this true? I said that PEP was over the top in my situation.

The doctor who gave me PEP says that the virus can survive in large amount of fluid outside of the host.

How big of a risk was my incident?

When should i get tested for HIV after PEP? I would like to get tested right away after PEP, which method should i then use?

I'm experiencing the expected side effects of PEP, but i've also developed lower back pain and a cold after a week of the exposure. Can HIV show early symptoms?
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Short answer - you had no risk and you did not even need testing.  You certainly do not need PEP.

As an adult, the only risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

This event is a NO RISK event for HIV, no matter what.  The information stating that the virus loses its ability to replicate once outside a living host is accurate.
Thanks a lot for a reply.
The doctor who gave me PEP said that in a large amount of fluid it could survive for a little while. Don't really know how trustworthy he was. Because of the various answers i've got, ill stay on the medication till the end. When can I get a conclusive test by the end of PEP?

Can you explain to me why the virus cannot replicate itself outside of the host? Isn't the environment in the fluid/blood enough?
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HIV is instantly inactivated in air so only sex risks are unprotected anal or vaginal which you didn't have. HIV is not a worm that burrows into your skin outside the human body so you can touch her fluids and blood even with cuts on your hands and not get HIV.
The medication you are taking has serious side effects / health risks so is not some benign substance that is guaranteed to make you healthy. Think twice about the risks you are taking when you ingest it.
Well damn. I really want to get off the meds because they're are messing me up this first week. Do you recommend me to get off it? But again I really want to be sure that i'm not infected. I feel really relieved that my risks were really low to zero though.
How does the virus enters a victim then? If not through the skin somehow, this is awfully confusing. During an intercourse, how does the virus transmit to one another?
Maybe someone else can give you a physiology explanation, however it is unnecessary to know for your purpose and I don't know other than you would need deep gaping wounds with the virus thrust deeply inside for even a theoretical risk.
See that is confusing, while a gaping wound would cause a low risk, a penis with no open wound would cause a higher risk. How does the virus enters the body through the penis?!

But in all seriousness, i don't have to worry about anything? Do I really need to complete my PEP run?
When i had an intercourse with the flipped condom, wouldn't that be the same as intercourse without since the fluid was in there. I know that you said the HIV inactivates itself, but what if not? A lot of sources tells a different story. Sorry for asking so much but i'm very nervous. Thanks for the help
Flipping causes air contact, so you are just rephrasing your same questions. I am finished repeating the same things in different ways, and if you look at other threads the moderators have stated oral is not a risk.
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