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HIV latency symptom

I had an high risk exposure 6 years back and had a rapid test negative 2 years back. Knowing rapid tests not being 100% accurate, do latency symptoms starting showing up in 6 years
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An antibody test done 4 years after the exposure is 100% accurate and conclusive. It positively rules out the possibility of the infection. You do not have HIV, trust your test report and move on with your life normally.
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They are said to be inaccurate for false positives, a negative at your timeframe post exposure is conclusive as diver58 suggested.
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Thanks Mike. Can it be a false negative case as the Rapid test was done in India and the exposure in US  
The manufacturer makes the same test there.
No. As stated before, a negative is conclusive. Time to move on.
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You really are holding onto this unnecessarily.  You do not have HIV.
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