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HIV negative ?

Hi Everyone,

I have had a sexual encounter with 4 men from august to nov. Both were safe, except for the last encounter I have ejaculated in my partners mouth. After 1 month of this incident, and 1 day before falling ill, I have felt an enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck and for the next 2 days, I was in bed feeling nauseous and diarrhea with a mild fever. I haven't experienced any other symptoms after that, no night sweats, fatigue etc..I went to a doctor and he said that it is very common for this time of the year to catch a flu.

7 months later, I discovered that I have molluscum contagious around my penis and face. I have explained my history and concern to my dermatologist and told her that I'm afraid I might be HIV positive. Unfortunately, I can't get tested for HIV where I live, else I'll lose my job and get deported. She suggested that we do a full Full Blood Count + WBC and Syphillis just to be sure and fortunately the results came out normal, nothing was detected.

Last month, I had what I think was food poisoning (all the people I ate with had the same symptoms). 2 days later I have found tiny brown to dark spots all over my body, around 20 of them. Mostly on arms, chest, trunk, shoulders, back and face. The size varies between 0.5-2.5 mm. The look like moles or birthmarks, and yesterday I noticed 2 of them on my penis and face. Nothing is on my palms or feet and they don't hurt or itch.

I am devastated, I haven't been going out, my performance at work is dropping, and I have no other thoughts except for the fear of being HIV+.

What do you suggest I do, I can't get tested for HIV where I live, is there another way of finding out now that a year have passed since the incident ? Thank you in advance.
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You never had an exposure to HIV.
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Do you have any idea how can i get tested for cd4 count ? I would love to get tested to clear my mind of this but i cant.

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