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HIV negative result at 5 months- retest?

Hi, at 5 months past exposure I have tested negative for HIV antibodies through a rapid oral swab test. I have tested negative also at 6 weeks, 3 months, and 4 months too. I have not felt 100% back to normal though after getting flu-like symptoms within a month after exposure, and the clinic's paper I received my results on at 5 months stated that results aren't conclusive until SIX months.

1. Do I need to retest??

2. I haven't been sexually active since 5 months ago, but I just started dating someone I really care about. Can I begin a sexual relationship without worrying of passing on HIV? (I've also been tested for every STD under the sun these past 5 months and all negative)

Thank you.
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Hi, 3months is conclusive negative.
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Thank you. Just want to make sure there's not a chance I could still test positive at some point as one of the rare cases and my doctors say then that there wasnt a guarantee at 5 months.
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He is wrong.
3 months is conclusive
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