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HIV negative results

Hi, i have a question about my HIV results

2 months ago i was tested negative for HIV and my doctor assured me that i shouldn't worry about this anymore, that i was out of the woods.

but i read that we should get tested at 3 months to have a 100% negative results

in the past couple of days, i've been feeling flu-ish and of course my anxiety started up and i know there's no specific symptoms, but is it possible that they would show up, unnoticed after 4 months ?

thanks for the help
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for someone who had a risk...3 months is conclusive.

your "new" symptoms are NOT hiv related.
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Thank you, It relieves some stress

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Hi Lizzie,

just re-read your post, you said 3 months is conclusive, but i had my test at about 70 days from possible exposure.

since i didn't reach the 3 month mark, is there a possibility that HIV would not have been detected ?

I'm planning to get myself re-tested but it will only be in october, which is still far away


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you can breathe now...it is HIGHLY unlikely that your 10 week test will change.

just test in october...but expect a negative  :)
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thank you again ! so fast !
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Hi Lizzie,

sorry to bother you again with this

My HIV test is in 2 weeks, for the 6 months mark. But lately i've been getting some excema hydro....something, on my fingers and some skin is flaking on top of my hand and tip of my fingers

went to the doctor and they mention that it just need to cream my hands more.

Is excema something i should be worried about.

thank you
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Hi lizzie,

i got my result today and it was as you said negative

i will now move on with my life

thank you very much, you're a great help to worried souls

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