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HIV or Common Cold?

I made a bad decision 2 weeks ago, and had unprotected sex.

Bottom line is I've developed a REALLY painful sore red throat, my tonsils are swollen, im coughing phlegm and My nose is constantly congested. I feel sick...like all around.

I'm going to the doctors in 5 days to be double sure, but until then I'm freaking out! my friend told me those were symptoms of HIV!!
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Well you did put yourself at risk for HIV so testing is the only way to know your status. Symptoms do not tell you anything about being infected.

Most people who test NEG have most ARS 'Like" symptoms and then most people who test POS have no symptoms at all. This is why symptoms mean nothing when it comes to HIV.

You will need to wait 3 months after your last unprotected vaginal or anal sex to get a conclusive result. Testing at 6-8 weeks will give you a great indication of your status but if you do this make sure to follow up at the 3 month mark for your end result

Hope this helps
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could you be more specific about the "unprotected sex" practice?
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You can never diagnois HIV by sytmptoms alone. As some people have symptoms, some have none at all. For example if you search hiv symtoms you will most likely find: fever, headache, diarrhea, rash, swollen lymph nodes etc. Then search cold symptoms and you will find the same thing. Granted unprotected sex is a risk, but depends on a lot of things like is this hetrosexual sex, homosexual sex, etc. You can get tested between 4-6 weeks for peice of mind. And remember to ALWAYS use protection unless in a mutual monagomus relationship. Sex lasts minutes. HIV lasts a life time. Good luck.
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