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HIV or Harmless swollen glands? Please help.

I am an 18 year old heterosexual female. 8 months ago I engaged in unprotected oral sex, with no ejaculation, both giving and receiving. I know this male has had previous partners, but claims he has no STDs or anything. I had no symptoms of anything after. Since then I had kissed people and still no symptoms. I recently got involved in a relationship with a boy my age and I am his first. We have engaged in unprotected oral sex (with ejaculation) and protected sex. We have been together 5 months. I was tested negative for STDs. I did have a yeast infection but was caused by using a certain cream on the area that moisturized. Recently in the past 3-4 weeks my lymph nodes in my neck have swollen. They are about 1-1.5cm and I feel tired and no appetite. I recently got a blood test done for mono, and deficiencies, ect, but not HIV and I also fainted. The blood test came back with the result of a slightly high WBC count. My doctor said I shouldn't be worried and do not need a test. My boyfriend had cut me while fingering me and then ate me out, but neither of us had noticed. I have no fever, no headaches, no cough, chills, or anything... Just fatigue and swollen glands. Should I be worried about HIV? Is this a cause for concern? Do I need a test?
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I think this is your third, or maybe forth post about this exposure. As I recall you used protection when having sex with your boyfriend and have previously been told multiple times that you were not at risk of acquiring HIV from the encounter you describe. Therefore any "symptoms" you are experiencing would NOT be related to HIV. If you frequently finding yourself obsessing and suffering from anxiety and compulsive thoughts and actions I would strongly recommend seeking out a qualified mental health professional.  
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I am worried because these glands have been swollen for almost a month. Also my boyfriend has had a cough, sore throat and ear infection. Is my risk really low? Low enough not to be concerned? I'm concerned for him.
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As I have said on your thread, and multiple others. You can search the archives, you can NOT base any HIV diagnosis on symptoms. You have been repeatedly told that the oral sex you engaged in was NO risk. Obviously you are unable to accept that. At this point, I think you and your partner should just go together to get tested. In fact, you should probably start making a habit of this in the future. Let me make one thing clear. I am recommending testing for your peace of mind, NOT because you had a risk (which you didn't).
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I did call and HIV/AIDS helpline and told my story to a woman. She was very patient and kind and assured me I am at a very low risk. She told me I could continue sexual activity and that I should not use Dr. Google. Thank you for your kind words and patience. She said I probably have a bad viral infection from a cold going around and my body is trying to fight it.
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