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HIV or Stress


I had an protected vag. intercourse and kissing on 4th / 5th Jul 09 with CSW in Germany. Three weeks later, I developed Herpes Zoster on 25th Jul 09. I got the first HIV DUO test (AG + AB) on 27th Jul (3 weeks and 2 days post exposure) and it was negative. I had taken Acyclovir during the time of this test. Then on 5th Aug (4 weeks post exposure) i did Tri Dot Card Test (AB test) and it was negative. On 25th Aug (7 weeks post exposure) I again got HIV Duo test (AG+AB) and it was negative.

The Herpes Zoster lasted for 10 days and it went off. During the last 8 weeks I have been under severe stress that I cannot work/sleep/eat at all. I have not experianced any other symptoms such as Flu, Sore throat, Swollen glands etc. I last visited doc on 25th Aug and she confirmed that there were no swollen glands etc. till then.

Since last 2-3 days, I have a very mild cough (No runny nose, fever or sore throat). I am also having some pain in Armpits, Jaws, Neck (it comes and goes) and it is very less...

All tests were performed in Germany.

My questions are:

1. I know the condom was not broker. Can I get HIV if while removing condom, accidentally the outside of condom (part which touches vagina) could have touched my penis. I dont know if this has happened but this is a possibility though.
2. I am perfectly healthy and not on any immunosuppressive drugs etc. in that case is 6-7 week HIV DUO test conclusive.
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1. No
2. No...no need to test no risk.
No matter what a 6-7 week test is never conclusive.
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are you saying that 6/7 week test is not conclusive. So should I be tested again given I had protected sex
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Can you actually read what I wrote?
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could not understand what you wrote?

1. Is negative 7 week DUO test for exposure which i have explained above conclusive
2. Do you see any risk of HIV in my case
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No matter what a 6-7 week test is never conclusive, but no need to test, you had no risk.

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I know the condom was not broken. Can I get HIV if while removing condom, accidentally the outside of condom (part which touches vagina) could have touched my penis.

Pls answer this.
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you had no risk, now enough
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