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HIV or a FLU


two days ago I received oral sex from another guy that i do not know his HIV status, also i gave him oral sex but for like a minute, no ejaculation happened, nways the next day i felt a soar throat and 2 days later, today I have a soar throat, chest congestion and a headache//is this symptomes of HIV!!!!
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No, your symptoms are completely unrelated to HIV because.......you did NOT have a risk.
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so just bad timing?
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Yes...and your symptoms do not fit the timing anyway (too early, HIV symptoms take at least 10 days to show up) nor do they resemble ARS. Chest congestion is not a symptom. You caught a cold.
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its a pressure to my chest not a congestion, also, i have hot and cold flashes
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Those could be due to anxiety. They cannot be due to HIV.
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Thank you, are you a doctor for this site?
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No, this forum has no doctors. They only answer questions in the Expert forum.

If you don't believe me, you can search through their answers to questions on oral sex and HIV symptoms, and get the same information. They are some of the most common questions on the forum.
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thank you, you relieved alot of anxiety off my shoulders!! I learned my lesson!
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k , i know i might sound annoying, but day 3 i still have soar throat, chest pressure, and headache, and so you are shure 100% that i have no need for testing???????
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This discussion is over. Reread my earlier replies. Any additional posts and you will be reported to the moderators.
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