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HIV oral rapid test for 2 months

Dear Community Expert

Please advise me, I had protected vaginal sex with csw 4 months ago (mid August 08) I got HIV test two times (every four week) and two of my tests I got negative and I stopped taking test because I feel that two tests are good enough, I mean can you please tell me what are the chances if one got negative after 2 months and infected on the third month when tested?

Just 6 weeks ago, I had oral sex with csw and I have posted on this forum a coiple times, I got responses as NO RISK for protected oral sex even though i fingered the woman's vag-ina and put that finger in my mouth. Can you please advice me if I NEED ANOTHER HIV test because I did not test after 3 months (I only took 2 tests at about 8 weeks and the results came back NEGATIVE)

I'm worried because I don't know if I need to take another test after the oral incidenced (protected oral sex & fingering the woman's private part) I had some headache and I did vomit one time at the restuarant 3 weeks after this incidence.

PLEASE ADVISE ME IF I SHOULD NEED TESTING (because i did not finish my test completely, I only waited two months, what are the chances of you test neg for 8 months and the result comes back different at 3 months), IS A MUST? I'M WORRIED AND SCARE TO GO TO THE LAB, I keep thinking about this and it is driving me crazy, I can't even sleep b/c I think of it every nite. Your sincere and honest response is greatly APPRECIATED!

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any more questions about this no risk situation should be taken to the anxiety forum.  you do NOT have a hiv concern.
move on ! ! !
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