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HIV penetrates through condom?

Which condoms are the best to use? Some condoms are THIN and im worried that if a person is infected, the HIV can penetrate through the condom and into the penis. Even if condom is not broken or no holes. Can someone help me with this concern.
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Any non-natural condom.
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Teak, what does that mean? Can you specify please
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The following are approved condoms for HIV prevention.

Latex, Polyurethane or Polyisoprene Condoms

Natural are made of animal gut and don't protect against HIV and STDs.
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Wow, im curious now... Where do you get animal gut condom. Are you saying that they easily break???
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Wherever you find condoms.
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hi, im brand new to this forum and website but i've been following it for the past year due to the fact that i have an extreme anxiety disorder especially in regards to hiv...but anyways, I heard from a licensed, practicing doctor that not only can you transmit hiv through condoms because latex has microscopic holes in it, but it can actually live up to two weeks in the natural environment .. Now, given the information i've gathered on this site and from health professionals I've personally spoken with on several occasions, this goes against the grain in pretty much every way. So my question is quite obviously, is there any truth to this doctor's statement at all ? (I do keep in mind that this particular doctor is into conspiracy theories and alternative medicine, but did cure themself of cancer naturally so they do have some credibility when talking about disease and medicine)
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If a doctor walks like a quack, he QUACKS like a QUACK.
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