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HIV positive?

I am a 21 yr old male and on Nov 30, 2009, i had unprotected anal sex with two other men in a monogamous relationship.  a few weeks later a developed flu like symptoms such as a sore throat and swollen glands in my neck which lasted about a week or so. About 6 weeks later, lymph nodes in my neck flared up again. About 9 to 10 weeks after the encounter, I had an HIV test and the results were negative but the lymph nodes were still swollen, so at about 12 weeks, around the 2nd week in march, i went back to the doctor and he drew blood to check out my white blood cell count and the results said that my white blood cell count was normal. He gave me some antibiotics and the nodes went down completely.  About 2 months after that, the lymph nodes flared up again, I went to the doctor,  he gave me antibiotics, and the swollen lymph nodes were gone. This same pattern happened about 5 times altogether. During the first week of august of this year, i got sick. I started to feel fatigued, i developed what i thought was strep throat, and again, my lymph nodes flared up again so i paid another visit to the doctor. He had some blood drawn and he gave me antibiotics again.  The antibiotics didnt do anything this time but when the blood test results came back, the doctor said it was a virus of some sort and in the absolute worst case scenario it is HIV. The doctor dismissed it as mononucleosis without performing an actual test for mono. I was only sick for about three weeks and the symptoms subsided, except for swollen lymph nodes which are still swollen to this day.  And yet again, i started freaking out and am still freaking out about HIV. Is it possible that I have had mono this whole time and havent showed symptoms except for swollen lymph nodes until recently or is it a good chance it is HIV? I do not want to go in for another HIV test because I am too scared of the results. Ever since Nov 30 of last year of have practiced safe sex. I don't know what to do. I am so scared and it has taken over my life. Please somebody give me some reassurance.
I havent lost a dramatic amount of weight and havent developed a rash of any kind. I am scared ********
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Look man I am no expert just a 24 year old dude like you. 7 months ago I had one unprotected sex act just like you did. While everyone on here seems to suggest 3 months is conclusive others say 6 months in cases that are high risk. To this very day I'd be lying to you if I said that I don't get nervous about every little rash, slight fever, feeling of fatigue. I know its hard and a scary time but here's what you need to do ....

1) spend the 15 dollars and ask a direct question explaining your situation to the experts here. They have over 30 yrs of experience and can give you great insight as to your problem.

2) go get tested! It can't hurt. Knowing is power. You need to know for your own sanity and for others. I went through (am going through) all of this but the only way to know is the test. I know it's scary but it has to be done.

Be safe, and good luck with everything I truly hope the best for you in not only hoping your negative but hope that you can sort out this situation. Take care
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thanks dude,

my doctor told me the same thing, to get tested again for my own peace of mind.
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Your welcome. Take care and be safe. I'll say a prayer that you are ok but do what your Dr. suggests re - test and work towards getting healthy wether it be physically or mentally. Good luck
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I actually just looked at my email Archives and I got tested at 12 twelve weeks and 3 days after the sexual encounter.  thats Exactly 3 months, and from what ive read on these forums I I am pretty much in the clear. Thank God I kept all those old emails. I am still gonna get tested again and I am feeling alot better about it,

Thanks for the prayer dude
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Fliguy, nothing that you have mentioned in reference to the symptom pattern is specific to HIV. Swollen nodes associated with HIV doesn't occur in ones or twos in a specific part of the body. It's generalized and occurs 2 to 4 weeks post the viral contraction.

I would strongly recommend you not to waste $15 since the experts would not tell you any different than "you're in the clear". You've conclusively tested negative beyond the window period and don't need any more test. Swollen nodes can be caused due to several other reasons and the pattern that you mention seems more due to common cough and cold. Please accept your result and move on. Keep using condoms correctly and consistently, you should be fine.
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