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HIV positive??

i am an 18 years old female who just stared college, i couldn't consider myself promiscous but curious ((like most home-bound females)). since i have been in college i have just recently been told i was given an STD-Chlamydia. My heart of couse was broken because i couldnt understand where i have gotten the disease from. I have had 3 partners. 2 protected, 1 unprotected . . . i fear that the one person who i have unprotected sex with ((who i had a relationship with)) gave me the disease and that he might have gave me HIV. its was late september, early october when we decided to go raw, and his history tells me that he had been tested before we entered college. but i can't help but to think that i have HIV :-(. i know that i need to get tested but i am more then afraid, can anyone give me advice that could settle my nerves???
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I don't know if I can give you any comfort.  I can only say that you should really get tested---and just because you have one STD---doesn't mean that you have HIV.  Ask someone who you trust to go with you. Hoping for the best for you.
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If its been more than a month or so, I'd go and get tested.  There are places that do rapid testing (30 minutes) for free and confidentially.  Its better to know, than to worry.

Due to my own recent scare (still too early to get tested) I've done a vast amount of research.  The chance of getting infected from one encounter is quite low.  If he was infected and you had unprotected sex many times, then the chances increase but getting HIV is still not a certainty.

Most likely, you are fine - but you should definitely go get tested.  For piece of mind & to avoid spreading it to any future partners.
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The advice is simple: don't worry, the odds are highly in your favor.  Take an HIV test at least 6 weeks since your last unprotected sex and expect a negative.
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Ah, I was going to post the same as RegularJoey, but he beat me to it, and did a fairly good and concise job of telling you the truth. So, listen to him, he knows from whence he speaks!

Upshot of it is this: You got chlamydia, and that sucks. But, as the other posters have rightly pointed out, it does not then automatically stand to reason that he also gave you any other STD, including HIV. You may not realize it, but the odds are pretty good that he didn't.

Just as RJ said, go ahead and get a test to help ease your nerves, and it will almost certainly show that you did not contract HIV.
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