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HIV possibility

Hi Doc, I am very worried. 1 year ago, I had an experience with a sex worker and did unprotected sex. I know it is very dumb of me. Then i had a girl friend after 6 months. but unfortunately we broke up. And now, I am in a stable relationship. However, my current girlfriend was diagnose with Mycoplasma Hominis and has genital warts (which is being threated as of this writing). They occured almost at the same time. I am worried, because during the time we had unprotected sex, she got delayed mentrual period for about a month and i think she also experience fever (i just can't remember if it's flu like). and now she is experiencing hair loss, for time to time during fertile period she is experiencing body heat but no fever, and also fatigue. Is it possible that we contracted HIV that's why her immune system defense against the mycoplasma hominis and genital warts decrease? Another thing, my ex-girlfriend also experience delay in menstrual period and fever. I too is experiencing frequent fatigue. I also had fever, colds and sore throat but not on the same time i guess through out the year but not that frequent.

I very much appreciate your quick response.
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If you had unprotected sex with a person of unknown status, then yes you are at risk.
The only way to know for sure is to get tested. After one year, any test will be fully conclusive. I would invite you to do a POC rapid test and you will know right away.
I have to say though that I will never understand how people can have unprotected sex with a loved one without first checking both the statuses. If you want to commit to one person and want to have unprotected sex with them, you need to make sure that you are both free of STIs.
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