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68 yrs. two years back had contact with somebody whose history was not known. all elisa tests as late as last month negative. all these days there is burning in urethra. now i have continuous pain on both sides of navel and there is feverishness. does these symptoms warrant a test viz. PCR. RNA. pl answer.
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Let me see if I understand your situation. Your 68 yrs old and had a sexual encounter 2 yrs ago and are just now experiencing symptoms. Is this correct???? If so and you truely want to rule out hiv just go to the drug store and buy an over the counter hiv test named oraquick. It will give u results in 20 mins. Then you can go to the doctor because I think u have something else going on. This is what I would do if it were me.
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You don't have HIV and don't need any further testing.
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