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HIV primary infection symptoms??

6 weeks ago I gave another guy unprotected oral sex. There was no ejaculation and I don't think precum but not positive.  It was not for long at all either.  I know oral sex is lower risk and most people would say I am not at a very high risk, but I have still been pretty worried, since I know he has had unprotected anal sex with men.  I didn't really have any symptoms until at about 4 weeks after there were a few nights where I felt very hot.  It only lasted a couple hours maybe for about three nights.  I never took my temp until the third night and didn't have a fever.  I had this hot feeling a couple other times over the next two weeks but again was very temporary.  I didn't really have chills or body aches or other symptoms, some diarhea here and there. So I am not sure if I had fevers or how high they were if I did, I just felt very hot, mainly radiating from my head. I never really "felt sick".  I even was out and drinking alcohol on some of those  nights I had the feelings. I know symptoms vary and some people don't have them at all.  I just want to know if if this sounds like possible symptoms form people who know what they are talking about and are familiar with primary hiv infection.  Thank you.  
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you were never at risk.  hiv is not transmitted through oral sex.
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Thanks for your reply.  I know it is not as high risk, but I have read many websites that say it can absolutely be transmitted through giving oral sex and even studies that show it has been. Do you think what I described sounds anywhere remotely like ARS symptoms?
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you read incorrect and/or outdated information.
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regardless, do the symptoms sound consistent with what people typically experience with ARS?
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I know I am being a nervous wreck, but I would appreciate your opinion too Teak.  Thanks to you guys for all the replies you give.  
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Nothing more to add to what Lizzie has already told you.
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thanks, and you agree oral sex posses no risk?
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Absolutely..No Risk..
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