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HIV rash/symptoms question

first I wanna state that I am pleased to have found a great informative site as this one. My problem is that I had unprotected sex with a random girl that I met only once. She did perform oral also, I was not wearing a condom at this time as well. This ordeal occurred on the morning of 09/03/2015, later that same day I began feeling itchy on my thighs.. The next day I began feeling itchy on my chest while noticing a slight red rash where the itching came from. On tuesday approx. 5 days after the possible exposure my chest, and neck became itchy, and I noticed a rash.. more so redness on my chest, and a few red bumps on my neck accompanied with redness. The next day I showered, and after washing my face with soap my cheeks began to have swollen reddish appearance, it also itched. This got me very worried, and I've noticed slight rashes on my upper back, and right forearm. The thing with my rashes are that they come, and less than an hour it's gone. I live in a hot humid area not sure if this has anything to do with it? Yesterday on 09/11/2015 eight days after the possible exposure I took the oraquick hiv home testing, I waited the 20 minutes and my results were negative. I do know that to get the most accurate reading tests should be done around 3 months after exposure, but I couldn't wait. Also I have not been feeling any other symptoms. I just want to get professional advice on what my situation appears to be. If anyone can give me more information on should I be feeling any other symptoms along with the rash.. Could I have hiv rash, and still test negative? Did my rash appear to soon for it to be HIV rash? Also prior to my sexual encounter, I've never had a rash like the ones I've described a day in my life. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also I will be getting a HIV done on the 3 month mark, but for now, any help would do! Thank you in advance!
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You had a risk from unprotected sex.  

Take a DUO test at 28 days.
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Thank you for your reply.
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HIV rash does not itch and does not occur alone.
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Thank you very much for your reply! That is very reassuring.
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It would be prudent to do a full panel std test not just HIV. Goodluck!
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Thank you, I will do that!
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