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HIV rash symptoms

Hi all,

  I need help to clarify my doubt. 3 months back I had sex with my old schoolmate. She is very interested in me from the undergraduate days, but showed cold shoulder on her. But when I met her 4 months back, I was really moved by her interest still today and got intimate. We have romantic night and had sex. After 15 days I see new symptoms on my back, shoulder, and chest. During those days I stayed in very hot climate, and my urinate used to burn like hot. I started seeing rash, red in color little swollen, like pimples. Some are painful when they are touched and pressed. Some showed up like acne, when pressed, like pimple, oozed some white pus, later disappeared. Some came like allergy and all disappeared. Some left very dark scars. Still today I see few of them showing up and disappearing. When I asked someone they told me, it is due to heat and called heat rash. I stayed in place where it sweats profusely, and really skin burns. But now I am in very cold place, and you know it is already winter. If these are due to heat rash, they should be gone by now. When I asked the girl, she told me there is no such thing for her, if you have doubt get tested. Can anyone analyze and tell me what are my chances of having HIV. Any help would be appreciated.

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Whatever you are experiencing is not an HIV rash. If you had unprotect vaginal/anal sex then you need to test to know your status.
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Thanks Teak for response. Yes it is very organic romance(unprotected). Then what are these can be. Are you suggesting these can be HIV related if I have unprotected sex. Some times it burns, kind of uncomfortness on the back and I see small pimples kind in red color.
I think I have to wait for one more month for test. It not been complete 3 months.

Please let me know. Thanks.
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