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HIV rash

What does a HIV rash look like?
I have a few small pinkish red spots on my left shoulder/collarbone. There are no more than 10 spots and each is like the size of the tip of a needle. They feel like goosebumps in a way but they're not.
They don't itch either.
Is an HIV rash localized like this? Or is it more generalized?
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The rash of acute HIV infection is typically red and may be present over the trunk, face and extremities. Rashes can also occur during chronic HIV infection, and they may include many different manifestations, most commonly folliculitis (red bumps), seborrhea (dry, flaking skin around the nose and hair lines), and fungal skin rashes (with a raised edge and a flaky center). Consulting with a dermatologist who has expertise in HIV-related skin diseases can be very helpful.
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What was your possible exposure?
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Unprotected vaginal about 2 years ago. Tested with rapid at 1 yr post exposure with oral test.
I saw these spots yesterday and I don't know why my mind went straight to HIV.
Does what I described sound like an HIV rash? Can it happen 2 years later?

Thanks teak.
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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Thanks teak. Can you comment on my question about the rash/spots please. Does it sound like HIV rash, just technically speaking. Is it localized like that? Someone can't reall see it unless I point it out to them.
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I did mark, but I just want to know about the rash? Please
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You don't have HIV and the rash has nothing to do with HIV. If you are concerned about your rash see a dermatologist.
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K Mak. Appreciate your help
And teak, thanks as well

So the oral rapid couldn't have missed an infection at 1 year? That's my worry and now I'm getting a rash. I only tested once
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You didn't need to test any further. You tested outside the window period.
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Last question, rapids don't miss infections do they, I have been reading online now that oraquick has false negative problems.
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Only within the window period when testing to early.
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Okay thanks teak for all your replies
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