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I have a question related to HIV rash, and HIV in general. In the period of last four months, I had unprotected oral sex twice with two partners (I was the one giving oral sex). First one was before 4 months, and the second 4 weeks ago. Im not sure how long after the first sex I had fever 39´C and throat problems, I went to see my doctor, he said I had strong sinuses problems and otitis media and gave me penicillin shots. Shortly after I was feeling better but had strong diarrhea (I hope it was because of the penicillin shots?), not even probiotic pills helped me with the diarrhea, but that went away also after a week or so.

Then in November, i noticed 3-4 small pimples, not sure where as they were shifting, one was on my lower stomach, one on my elbow, one on my knee, one on my thighs etc. First they seemed to me like mosquito bites, but then I noticed it were pimples, and they were quite itchy, they were the color of my skin more or less, sometimes light pink, and when id scratch them they´d be a bit reddish and bigger, and disappear usually after 15 minutes or so, but tomorrow would be on another spot of my body, and again so on for 2-3 days, and then completely disappear.

The second time I had unprotected oral sex was mid december, and 2 days ago I noticed the same "pimples" again, same symptoms, I have 3 on my right arm right now, some 7-8 cm away from one-another and by tomorrow they will probably be gone again for good, or reappear on another body part. I have also a picture which I could attach if needed.

So my question is, how big are the chances that this is HIV rash and that I might be HIV positive? I will for sure get tested in the next few days, but I would really like to hear from you hear on medhelp first, as I really cant get any sleep until I get tested.

And one last thing, during the last four months (as far as I am aware and am possible to determine) my lymph nodes were not increased.

Many thanks in advance!
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You don't have an HIV concern. HIV is not transmitted by oral sex.
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I went through so much anxiety over HIV, it consumed me for almost 14 months... You have had no risk of HIV... Your saliva helps to kill the virus even if it was present but there is not one confirmed case of HIV being caught through Oral Sex. Not that I am here to preach but maybe look at your willingness to give oral sex so easily, this is easier said that done as we all love sex but if it fuels your anxiety it is nit a good thing. Hope this helps but please, stop worrying! :)
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Dear Teak,

Does it change anything that during the second sex I got some semen in my mouth and few minutes later I have noticed that the capillaries on my lower lips were a bit more red than usual, i.e. my lower lip had irritations from the oral sex, although I am not sure the irritations were as big that it would bleed a little?

Thank you very much for your quick response!
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Dear helpgoingmad,

I am also aware of the fact that it is quite hard to catch it from oral sex, but the series of events that occurred later on like the fever, throat problems, diarrhea, and now this weird rash that I never had before, made me doubt a little. Not to mention that usually as a person I do quite easily get scared, especially when it comes to health. :)

Yeah, I completely agree with you on that one concerning oral sex. Even though Ive got alcohol to blame for the second time, I really need to be more cautious, for my nerves sake, and for the sake of medhelp forumers´ nerves :)

Thank you very much for your quick response!
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No it doesn't change anything that you received semen in your mouth.
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You are most welcome.
Just to claiffy, it is not "quite hard" it is impossible.
I had unprotected sex with my ex, she had what would be classed as acute sero-conversion illness type symptoms, three weeks after, I had Oral Thrush, very sore throat, Diareah (three weeks) Weight loss (3KG), 8 week cough, high temperature for four days, three mouth ulcers and the list goes on..
I had twenty four HIV tests over 14 months, I had CBT and councelling which did help a little but it was my anxiety that ironically sorted it in the end, - I started worrying about something else you see - at that point, I believed my tests and now it feels like it was almost an ot of body experience.
I saw several HIV consultants, I remember one chap at an NHS GUM clinic, at 41 days (almost six weeks post expsoure with symptoms too) he said this is your last test, if it comes back negative, you must go home and feel safe in the knowledge that the tests you have had show your status.
I throw you some strength here my friend, take it, use it and be worry free at the fact you are HIV free!! You really are!!
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