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HIV rash

I had exposure to HIV May of last year.  I went on PEP and 6 months later I tested negative

I performed oral sex on a friend who claims to be negative and I swallow his sperm.  I have tiny red fits around my eye but it seems the rash started months ago as a red line like a scratch.  The spot got red after a few months then the bumps appeared over the last week or so - they seem to be getting worse every week.  Does this sound like an STD or HIV Rash?  I have had a cold and sore throat but so does everyone at home and work?

I thought HIV was not spread through oral and I thought the PEP and 6 month test was conclusive??  I'm going to get tested again - test hiv rash take months to spread or appear?
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Hi, HIV is not transmitted by oral sex even if the act includes swallowing of semen. Can I know what was your exposure earlier which required you to go on PEP?
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I had unprotected receptive anal sex and my partner told me the next morning he had HIV.  He showed me his meds Sybadol ??  Maybe or something like it.  I got on PEP 14 hours after exposure
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Ok. Currently, there is no risk with your oral activity.
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Thank you - I'll check with a dermatologist about the rash under my eye then
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You are welcome.
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