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HIV rash?

I am a black man in his 30s and I slept with a girl more than 3 weeks ago and the condom broke, I contracted gonorrhoea from her which I treated but 2 days ago I just spotted some weird tiny looking kind of rash around my abdomen, they don't itch, they are neither pink, red or purple but same colour as my skin (I am not that dark complexion).
They feel like heat rash when I rub my hands over them, they are really tiny that you have to use a bright light to see them.
I don't have any fever, or headache or cold, please can someone tell me if this is similar to the HIV rash
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Symptoms arent used to diagnose for the reason you stated - could be heat rash. Take a 4th gen test at 28 days for a conclusive result. Try to relax until then, because nothing is pointing toward HIV.
Thank you for your response
In response to your inbox, no I have no idea what any HIV symptoms are like nor should you waste your time learning about them. You have no medical background, and need to accept the fact that Google won't be able to provide it.

Everyone posting here thinks they have ARS or HIV symptoms but so far none have because they all tested negative or had no actual risk, which is why HIV doctors do not use self-diagnosed symptoms to diagnose HIV..
I meant so far I have not seen any who have.
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