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I was taken advantage of on Sunday (It's now Tuesday) by my sisters boyfriend. He was in me for like 2 minutes before my sister pulled up and he stopped. I don't know if he is HIV positive or if my sister is. I do know my sister kinda sleeps around and she has cervical cancer and she's just not the cleanest girl. So I'm really really really scared. I also haven't told anyone about it happening yet and if/when I get tested, I don't really want a surprise. When I woke up I had this slight rash on my tummy, like right at the very bottom. It was like little tiny patches of...they weren't really bumps. They were like...when you get a scar and it gets kinda puffy around/over the wound. And they itched this morining..but now I think the rash it gone. My sister said it looked like hives..but she's not the smartest. I was also rolling around in the grass yesterday, so it could possibly be from that? I also woke up with a stomach ache, but it was cramps from my period starting. He didn't *** inside of me I don't think...and I don't know. Just is it possible that I could get HIV from pre-***? Would I get symptoms this early? Thanks.

P.S. Could I get cervical cancer since my sister has it?
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You aren't having any symptoms this early that is even close to ARS.  You can test at 6 weeks and if you receive a negative test retest at 3 months post exposure and that test will be conclusive.
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First of all...hope your sister never reads your post, you didn't have a whole lot of nice things to say about her!

Second....HIV infected people are not "dirty"...so the assumption that your sister could have HIV based on her being "dirty" is erroneous...and actually quite ignorant.  

You need to be tested b/c you had an unprotected vaginal expsoure.  The brevity of the situation works in your favor, but a risk is still a risk.  Follow the testing recommendations that teak gave you above.

Lastly...your sister having cervical cancer has NOTHING to do with HIV...and does not place YOU at risk for it...it isn't contagious.

If you were for SURE not a willing participant in this encounter...you should consider pressing charges...assault is assault, and if you let him get away with it...God knows who else he will do it to.
what about the hpv that causes the cancer is that contagious ?
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