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HIV rashes

I have posted here before, and I am doing much better now. But one thing I could never really find out is what a common rash from HIV looks like. Does anyone know?
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looks like rashes from any other more common virus.  Slightly raised rash that looks like a sunburn.  Accompanied by purplish raised round/flat/waxy pimples.  Short in duration and often faint.  Accompanied with other things like fever, sorethroat etc..  If you think you have an HIV rash you probably dont.
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I keep getting rashes-Everytime I get one i FREAK! But sooooooooooooooo many things cause rashes! I often wonder on the same question-What does an HIV rash look like but one rash is typically no different to another. I have read the same thing that HIV rashes have pimples present (which unfortunatly I of course have!!!)
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for the common HIV rash are the pimples found on the rash or somewhere else? and how big are the rashes?
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Here's a link:


I think there would HAVE to be many pimples present an many spots of the body, with several and not just a one or two pimples present.  just look at all the pictures off google.com images.

But here's a monkeywrench..lots of people WITH HIV have other stuff too, like Herpes, Molluscum, and other lesion-causing and rash-causing diseases. So those pictures might be of lots of other stuff.

I would just ask a dermatologist..but my guess is, if you think you have an HIV rash, most likely you don't.


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Also....Is HIV rash not bodywide? I may be wrong but I am quite sure. I don't think we would have it soley on our legs!
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Ive been so worried that even my DOC. gave me Xanex. To calm dowm until we find the prob. and solution. For awile I had memory loss, which I had for a few yrs. But just a few wks ago I started to feel sisk tierd and dizzy. I went to my doc who then sent me in for an MRI which turned out fine. I started getting little rashes under my arms  on legs between legs and side of stomack. My rashes are small whitish/red depending on what light im in. there have little pimpleish bumps but no puss. Yea it sounds gross. But anyway, I have swollen lymph nodes behind ear on neck under arm and neer chest area. Sometimes I feel so tierd that I dont even want to do anything in life. I feel misrable at times. I did have all std checks all came back neg. or NONreactive. HIV. came back NONREACTIVE. I'm so very scared still till this point. I dont know how that test works I had intercourse 5 months ago unpretected can the test show neg. still and still have it? I also had a redish/whit patchy  thing on toung which my doctor looked at and gave meds for and went away. But my other rash  on body seems to faid but still there like a scar.... What does all this sound like? I need answers..... My doctor seems to just think everything  else but HIV.
Sincerly, worried.....
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It's not HIV so keep working with your doctor.
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Well, I have had unprotected sex 3 times in the last 8 years.  More recent, 5-6 weeks ago I had sex with a condom and did perform oral on a girl literally for only like 3 seconds.  Anyway, 2 days after I got real swollen lymph nodes and fatigue and real tiredness.  No fever!  it went away, , but now 5 weeks later, I have a sort of rash I guess on my body.  Its not very distinctive at all, but its reddish-pink all over my body, but you have to really look close to see it.  I can definately see it.  I actually burns like a sunburn.  You can touch it and see your hand print in it for a second or so.  Its not raised, its just covering my entire body evenly, but  its there.  Its real hot!  Just like a mild sunburn.  Also, Im dizzy sometimes and my eyeballs kind of hurt.  My throat is real red in the back of it, but no spots.  Just real red, and my tongue has some white film on it but only in the back of the tongue not on the sides.  
         Can an HIV rash be like this: burning, hot, mildly red but not raised, my hands are also real orange like!  its weird.   IN the last 5 weeks or so, I have had every single HIV symptom that I found online.  Except fever.  
    So, I have this rash, sore-real red throat, and some canker sores and white film on my tongue.  Is this HIV?
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hi all since feb ive had rash that comes and goes on the head of my penis pain in groin and underar mostly  on right side pain near hips sharp pain at tip of penis head tingels in hands and feet worse when i bend over small white blotches under skin that i thing is caused to blood flow now recentyl ive had head spins when standing up from bending over and itching hands feet legs arms well almost all over body had headache in the mornings that have now gone the only thing i can not work out is i always have protected sex and condom has never broke please help.
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