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HIV risk after unprotected oral

Hi there all!

I'm extreamly worried about the possibility of catching the virus from this exposure.  I took a female sex worker 2 weeks and 4 days ago to whom I penetrated using a condom for about 2 minutes and gave unprotected cunnilingus for 3-4 more minutes. I remember fisting her with 3 seconds using 3 fingers which I used minutes later to gently remove the condom from my shaft and part of the foreskin.

-12 hours after exposure I developed a mild sore throat and metallic taste in my mouth.
-2 days later I went to the emergency Services and was given 1 or 2 g of ceftriaxone intravenously, a potent penicillin injection and 2 x 100g of doxycycline a day for 10 days.  Also a complete blood count and a rapid hiv test only.
-4-5 days after exposure upset stomach and reflux.
-Had a night sweat behind neck, and top of back.
-6 days after exposure I began to feel some pressure on my knees and mild pain in right knee.
-7 days after exposure diarrhea/very loose stools.
-Recurrent night sweats.
-10 days after exposure came back to see doctor to talk about my cracking joints and upset stomach and swets only to be told I was anxious and or side effects of doxycycline.

Now it's been 2 weeks and a half and although the sore throat is greatly improved I can still feel some tickles down there as well as a constant upset stomach and all joints cracking often. Night sweats also common but seem to improve when I don't think about it.

Am I at risk of Hiv.  If not what is causing my symptoms?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  God bless you all!
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Hi, you had no risk for contracting HIV from your affair.
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Thanks for your fast reply, I really appreciate it!  I forgot to mention I suffer perioral dermatitis although did not have a bad flare up during the incident.  Do you think that could be a risk factor bearing in mind I often have small rashes in the area around my lips? Did you hear of such a case before? Anyone?

Best wishes to all in the room
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No risk. Symptoms would be unrelated to HIV, you should consult a doctor if they are bothersome. But, they would not be from HIV.
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