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HIV risk assessment

I'm a gay 33 y/o male. Two weeks ago I met a man online who was 36. Since the full STD screening test I took last year, this has been my only sexual encounter. Before I had only allowed oral sex and frotting, but this time he had brought condoms and lube with him and I couldn't resist being the insertive partner.
I made sure to put the condom on properly, leaving some air at the tip. We also used intimate lube to make penetration smoother. (I know the brand of the lubricant and it's specifically made for sexual use).
I also made sure to pull out immediately after ejaculating, while I still had an erection.
There were no visible holes on the condom and I even felt the semen smear when it filled the tip.(sorry for the graphic information).
Despite all of this I am worried because, since I was not planning on penetration, I didn't ask my partner's HIV status until after we had finished. and He told me that he hadn't ever been tested. In addition he admitted to having unprotected sex while he was in a committed relationship a couple of years ago.

Knowing this made me very paranoid, especially when I noticed a barely visible rash on my upper back a couple of days later. Since then I've felt bloated and have had mild diarrhea. No fever.

With all this, my questions are:

A) Assuming that he is HIV+, how high am I at risk from this situation?

B) Is it possible that the condom had a hole so small it could've been unnoticeable? (Upon doing research I came across this comment of a person who admitted to poking condoms with a needle when he was younger)

C) Can the rash I got a couple of days after meeting this man be considered a sign of seroconversion? (it's very small bumps that you can feel to the touch or see under the right lighting) What about the stomach discomfort?

D) As experts, would you recommend testing after this incident?

Please help!! I feel like my life is not the same anymore. I'm desperate and I can't consider testing since it's too early for them to show conclusive results!!
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Most of these questions are not relevant.  As long as the condom did not VISIBLY break, you were fully protected against HIV.  Micro-holes/tears are a myth.  Your urethra would have to be fully exposed during penetration for ANY risk of HIV.

Since you were never exposed to HIV, your rash is unrelated to HIV.  There is no reason to test for this no-risk event.
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Hi. First off, thanks for your response.
On the other hand, upon doing some research on the rash, I came across some information about molluscum contagiosum where it was stated that an outbreak of this could be sign of HIV.
Is it possible that maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to the condom? Or  perhaps it could have been through oral sex or fingering? I've heard these practices don't transmit HIV but now I'm not so sure.
I gave you the facts.  The choice of whether to believe them or not is up to you.  MANY people who do not have HIV have molluscum.  When condoms break, they break wide open and it's impossible to miss.

You didn't get HIV from this event.
Understood. Thank you very much for your patience and support.
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