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HIV risk escort services

I'm a little anxious. Yesterday I spent 2 hours with a 25 year old Serbian escort girl while on vacation in Italy. She was very nice and seemed very healthy. We had vaginal sex twice (with 2 different condoms), and I went down on her. The condom was completely intact both times and I was careful to make sure it was on. She insisted on using condoms, which I take as a good sign. She did not give me oral sex and she did not have any lesions or bleeding anywhere. I do not have any cuts or sores either. She said it was only her second day on the job but had had several clients already in those 2 days. She stated that she had full STD testing prior to enrolling at her escort agency, but didn't have documentation with her. The escort agency (which is high end and quite expensive with a fancy website) also said she was clean when they signed her up (which was very recent). I think I believe her about the second day on the job thing as she really did seem very new to it and told me that even before I asked her about her health status. She is highlighted as a "new girl" on their site. She is a college girl and said she had been in a 2 year monogamous relationship in Serbia until recently.

I think I am low risk for HIV but would be grateful for assurances based on this information.


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I forgot to mention that this was a one-off encounter and have no other history of using escort services or other higher risk behaviors. I was in a monogamous relationship for 8 years until a few weeks ago.
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If u used a condom you didnt have a risk. It is a zero risk activity.
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Thank you Sherwin. I have no reason to doubt you. The condoms were a good  brand and they were intact when they removed. What about the fact that I performed oral sex on her though? Can you quantify that risk in any useful terms? Is it risky enough to get tested and/or abstain from unprotected sex with others?  
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It is now 8 days post exposure. I have diffuse myalgias and low-grade fever which started yesterday. No rash, no lymphadenopathy. I'm worried because as described we did unprotected cunnilingus. I'm not worried about whether the condom was intact; it was.

Two questions (for Teak, Vance, LindaLou, Sherwin, or anyone else with detailed knowledge in this subject):

1. How risky is the cunnilingus? It wasn't deeply penetrative, just labia/clitoris only.
2. What is the typical timing of the non-specific seroconversion illness following the exposure? Some sources say "days-weeks"; some say 2-6 weeks?
3. Should I be concerned enough to pursue testing?

I would be grateful for the collective feedback from the forum.

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Could somebody help?
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No HIV risk
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