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HIV risk for receiving oral sex with a mouth fulll of sperm?

Yesterday, I went to cruise bar where I received oral sex from a guy. At the end, when I was leaving, he told me another guy ejaculated in his mouth just two minutes before he started doing oral sex on me. As I had talked with him a few sentences before we actually engaged in the sexual activity, I don't think he had his mouth full of fluids, but it might be still the case. In this circumstance, what is the likelihood of contracting HIV on a circumcised penis by indirect contact of semen inside someone's mouth?
Thank you! Very anxious here.
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Oral sex is not an effective mechanism for HIV transmission.

Saliva contains proteins that inhibits the virus.

There was no risk associated and testing wont be necessary.
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Even if some ejaculate entered in contact with my urethra?

Yes, presence of saliva will inhibit the virus. The viral transmission can essentially take place through unprotected vaginal or anal sex.

There are approximately 37 million HIV positive individuals across the globe and no one has ever gotten infected in the fashion you mentioned.

No risk. No testing warranted.
But if his mouth had large amounts of semen, wouldn't the fluid be in direct contact with my urethra, how does the virus is immediately inactivated if they are still in the original fluid which only partially is exposed to air (the inner part of the fluid is not altered until the outer part dries)
You have gone too far with your assumptions. I refuse to participate after this post in your own speculation of HIV transmission. Saliva would inactivate the virus.

Also, no one roams around with mouthful of semen giving blowjobs. You are not making sense here. I am going to tell you with all due respect, to see a therapist because it seems you have irrational fears. We have fully established that you didn't have a risk and you don't need to test.

There are no more scope for "What-ifs". This forum is specific to HIV prevention information, for anxiety related queries please post in relevant forum.
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