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HIV risk from bathhouse experience

Hi, I went to a gay bathhouse for the first time not knowing what to expect. I did not indulge in oral or anal sex. However, a guy was fondling/kissing me as he masturbated. Immediately after he ejaculated, with his semen on his hand, he started giving me a hand job. His semen came in contact with my uncut penis and balls. After about 20 seconds I realized it and walked away and just wiped it off with a towel. I don't have any visible open cuts or sores on my penis. But what are the chances that Ive had exposure to HIV based on semen on uncut penis contact through the urethra? While I don't know his HIV status, I think he may be positive since his online profile does not list his status and most negative guys list theirs.
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This is not a risk for HIV  transmission.  HIV is only transmitted by having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse where penetration occurs or sharing IV drug needles.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  Hand jobs will not transmit the virus, so no worries.  This includes if you had or didn't have any cuts or if you are or aren't uncut.  Those factors do not change the risk level of zero.  So, no worries, no need to test.
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Thank you! Helps put my mind at ease.
Great.  Use condoms for penetration and you won't have to worry about HIV.
Thanks, I'm a little paranoid about std's and HIV. I have never had penetrative anal sex ever and don't plan to have it either - ever. That's a no-go for me. I've only experimented ever with oral sex without ejaculation in mouth (giving and receiving) a couple of times and even that's driven my anxiety levels  through the roof and I got tested after each of those. This bathhouse experience has definitely got me all worked up but I'm going to trust your opinion and try forgetting it for another 28 days until I test and can be sure. I just feel so stupid for letting another unknown  guy's semen come in contact with my penis.
You can test if it will give you piece of mind but expect a negative result because you were never exposed to HIV from what you've described.
Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Can you educate me a little? How is ejaculate (semen) immediately coming in contact with my penis/urethra different from unprotected penetrative sex? Does air inactivate the virus that soon? In a matter of seconds?
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