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HIV risk from door handle

Today at work I went to wash my hands but there was no soap so I decided to go to another bathroom but my hands were already wet so I rinsed my hands off and grabbed a few paper towels and dried my hands off. I grabbed a couple more paper towels and put them over the ones I used to dry my hands and then used the paper towels to open the door which is a vertical handle that doesn’t move, you just pull. Then I go to open another door with the paper towels which is more of a handle you either pull up or down. Then I go to open the door to the other bathroom with the paper towels which is a handle you pull up or down and when I went to push down on the door with the paper towels my hand slipped off the handle and it nicked my finger. I don’t think my finger bled but it did peel some skin back. Very superficial though. I can see some skin it pulled back. I did enter the bathroom and wash my hands right away really well with soap and water. About 5 seconds after this happened. I’m just worried that the other 2 door handles had blood on them and then the paper towel transferred the blood onto the door handle then it nicked my hand.
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You already know the answer because you said this the last time you asked. "I have read somewhere that hiv can survive outside the body for a while. But it had to be perfect conditions. I guess airtight like a syringe and perfect temperature."

Move on back to your happy life instead of worrying about such a silly thing as a door knob giving you hiv.
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