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HIV risk from during a tattoo session?

I was getting a tattoo yesterday and at the end when the artist took off his gloves and was cleaning and wrapping up the tattoo i noticed that his hand was bleeding. If his blood got onto my fresh tattoo when he was applying the ointment, wiping it down and wrapping it should i be worried about any risk?
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The risks for HIV have not changed since the last time you asked.  They can be found here: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Can-I-get-HIV-during-a-fist-fight/show/3044762#post_14429664

A tattoo is not a deep, gaping wound.  Neither of you were in the hospital getting stitches, and that's the level it would take to be considered even a slight risk.
Thank you for your response, im just not understanding what the difference is For why it has to be a deep wound if blood still gets into contact with any fresh wound? I thought blood to blood contact was a risk
The biology of hiv transmission is not dependent on whether or not you believe it. You have been told the reality a few times so if you are unable to stop worrying, perhaps you should see a therapist to get over this issue.
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