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HIV risk from massage parlor?

Hello Doc,
I went to an asian massage parlor last week, and got a body to body massage for an hour. I deeply regret it now. I have been sick worried about the risks. To begin with, the masseuse gave me a towel after my shower, though I don't know whether it was used by a client before me. I wasn't wearing my glasses that day so I couldn't see very well, but It was dry and looked clean to me, but let's assume it was previously used by an HIV+ person before me,  and had blood stains on it, am I exposed to a risk in this way?
During the massage, the masseuse used a bad quality oil judging from the smell of color of it that I even though it could be cooking oil. She proceeded to roughly massage my back and used her nails in doing so. If by any chance she damaged my skin, do I run another risk of contracting the disease in this way? I heard the oil could be a protective barrier in killing the virus whether it came in contact with a wound in her hand, but assuming the oil in question was extremely low quality, do I still run a risk here?
Finally, while massage my butt, she proceeded in using her fingers to massage my anus, but only very briefly after I told her to stop. In the end she was about to give me a happy ending, and rubbed the tip of my penis with a baby wipe to remove the precum on the tip of my penis, but I declined the handjob eventually. I am not sure if the baby wipes were previously used even though she removed them from the box in front of me.

Sorry for being long, but I am really scared about these risks. Should I be extremely worried? Should I get tested at the 3 month mark? I am still unsure whether the masseuse had cuts in her fingers or not.
Thank you.
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You have nothing to worry about. You didn't have any risk so you don't need to test.

Only sex risks are penetrating unprotected anal or vaginal. HIV is instantly inactivated in air (which means it instantly can't infect) so can't infect outside the vagina or anus. It doesn't matter if you or she was cut or had fresh or old blood where you touched each other,  or if you both were cut, because it is fragile and inactivated outside the vagina or anus -  it is not like a cold virus that can be transmitted outside the lungs by coughing.
The only other way it can infect an adult is from sharing needles then injecting which you didn't do.
All this HIV science is 40 years old and well proven over that time so nothing you can add to your situation will make it a risk.
So, assuming the woman has a deep cut on her finger, and used her hands to massage my anus, there is 0% chance of contracting the virus? I shouldn't get tested at all knowing such a risk exist, even if it minimal?
Zero is not minimal, and if I never said minimal. Reread the part about the 40.
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