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HIV risk? really scared. please help

Hi. i had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker(for less than 10 seconds and without ejaculation) and after that protected vaginal sex ( i m worried because while having vaginal intercourse (with condom), i continued sex even after ejaculation for two three minutes.I am sure that the condom was intact but i am doubtful that because my penis become soft, there might be a possibility that her vaginal fluid have touched my semen.). On 9th day after this incident, i found two red dots on my penis. I went to the doctor. he took my HIV and VDRL. Both of them came negative. The doctor gave me some medicine and dots gone and penis was okay. After that i started to feel sweat and chills (may be because of anxiety). I went to doctor again and he tested again for HIV, VDRL, Torch test etc on 15th day. Everthing came back negative except Positive CMV (1.49 AI) and Rubella(3.46 AI). My doctor told me that these symptoms are because of CMV. He said that i dont have HIV as my body would have produced enough antibodies till that time to show in the test. I would also like  to tell you that on 15th day, my doc also did culture test on my urine and semen which came back normal stating no micro organism found. culture is sterile.He said dont panic and gave me some medicine.
But after that i stared to feel swelling around my neck on left side (which has gone in 2-3 weeks) and after two weeks that is in 6 th week, i  started to see swelling in my groin region also and also some muscle aching/streching around back of my knees.
This is my 8th week and i noticed a small red rash between my eyebrows(non-itchy).
I dont have any other symptoms, no fever, no sore throat, no fatigue, no sweat no chill.

Are these rash and swelling of groin region symptom of HIV(which i am thinking is swelling of lymph node) .
Hiv rash if appear, when do they appear and how do they look like and how long they remain?
Similarly, swolling of lymph node due to HIV, how long it remain?
My doc has given my Azithromycin 200mg (2 dose per day) for six days and Azithromycin 500mg (one dose per day and three time in a week) for three week. I have completed my full course only last three azithromycin 500mg is left.
Please help..What are these symptoms mean? any std?
Please advise as soon as possible...please
Thank you...
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1 and 2) No
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Hi James,
Can I ask you three more questions.
1) After having sex, i continued to have sex for two to three minute. Therefore  i am nervous that her vaginal fluid might have gone inside the condom as my penis have become soft after ejaculation. Can this happen, i was having a normal missionary position?
2) Is folliculitis an ARS symptom?
Please reply
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I can feel my lymph nodes. You're not displaying "symptoms" because you didn't have a risk. Simple as that.
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Hello James, thanks for the reply.
Can normally a person feel his nodes..like a pea size thing.
I am just eager to know then why am I facing these symptoms, it can be because of another std.
I am really nervous because I have a girl friend and I had fully protected sex with her all the time but i had unprotected oral sex 6 weeks back with her. and now she is having some folliculitis type of skin problem on her arms and legs. there are afew on the stomach.
she does not have any other typical ars symtoms.
please reply as soon as possible.
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You've no reason to be worried about HIV
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Vance I know I am feeling a bit nerdy right now.
But I am really nervous. please help.
I am in the end of tenth week after exposure. I am having muscle ache inside my armpit and area behind my left knee(when i walk), which has been started from ninth week.
Moreover I can feel pea size nodes in my chest, under my arm and thigh.

I also have swollen lymph node at my left side of upper part of groin (where thigh meet pelvic region) that i told you in last post. That is still there. That is the only node which is visible to be swollen
Swelling on my neck (on the left portion) is present from second week and till now it comes and goes. During seventh week, i started to feel swelling on my left breast.
I also have neck stiffness which comes and goes.
Except this, I dont have any other systoms. No high fever, No sore throat, No Rash, no runny nose, no night sweat, no chills.

Please answer the following
1) are these HIV symptoms
2)  If swelling of lymph nodes come during HIV, when do they come? How long do they remain? How severe they are?
3) Swelling of lymph node can be seen and detected?
4) Can normally everybody can feel their lymph node. I am not a thin guy, but i can still feel them.
Please answer all question.
Please answer.
i will be thankful.

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Is all these test are okay to say that i am okay..
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Not going to talk about symptoms when you had no risk.
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Hey Vance,
Hiv rash if appear, when do they appear and how do they look like and how long they remain? Can they appear in 8th week(i have a very mild red color rash between my eyebrow. it is almost going to disappear?
Similarly, swolling of lymph node due to HIV, how long it remain?  How severe are they and are they painful?
Please provide and honest answer.
Many thanks.
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I see no HIV risk
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