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HIV risk swollen lymph node on PrEP

Hi I started on demand PrEP like 2 1 1.
2 weeks back on saturday I met one guy we had mutual materbation. No oral no sex. Then next day I met a guy we had a body play frottage then he gave me oral job i was wearing condom.
I ejaculated in condom in oral sex I continued my PrPE till next two days and left. After 2 weeks now I have swollen lymph node in neck and groin. I am really scared is it hiv starting???
I was following prep 2-1-1 as mentioned. What's your opinion should I go and get tested .this happened only 14 days back which test to do. I never had any  anal sex. I do regular testing every 6 months. Please help.
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You can't get hiv from oral. You can't get hiv when you wear a condom. Only risk for you would have been unprotected penetrating anal.
There is nothing to test for. I doubt you have any health issues but cant diagnose from here, so talk it over with doc if concerned for his opinion.
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I noticed you have asked a lot of questions that are about no risk scenarios.  You've certainly been told at this point what the risks for HIV are.  Why are you continuing to ask?  My guess is that you have anxiety and are fixated on hiv fears.  This is irrational if the case and your best bet is to talk to your doctor about it.  I'm, of course, not diagnosing you but at the same time, you have a pattern of posting that makes me think the best help anyone can give you is to direct you to working on the health anxiety.  You are on Prep first of all.  What is the point of taking that if you don't believe it prevents HIV? You participated in a non risk activity of mutual masturbation for seconds.  No, you don't need to test. But in order to have a sex life that doesn't send you into anxious thinking after, you'd be best to tackle the mental health aspect to this.  I say this with kindness because it must be hard to always worry.
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