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HIV risk very short vaginal intercourse

Hi everyone. I am a 21 years old male living in Sydney. Yesterday I was with a girl in a party and we decided to head to my apartment. We were both drunk (I know it is not a  excuse, I am fully responsible for my acts) and we got naked and   without thinking straight I penetrated her with my penis. 10 seconds later I realized I had not put my condom on, so I removed my penis, washed it in the bathroom and then put the condom on.

This girl is acquanted of mine, we are both students here in Sydney. She said she is clean of deseases, but I dont know if she is tested or not. Probably she never tested, because she said she normally have sex with condoms only.

I am really worried now and having problems with anxiety, thinking that I could be infected with HIV in this situation.

Can you guys help me ***** my risk?
I have read in the other posts that female-male infection in vaginal sex is very rare, how is it?

Is it necessary to take a test? When?

Thank you very much, I am having trouble leting this go, even knowing that the probabity of her beeing HIV posite is almost negligible, due to her sex history, which I believe she told the truth.

I need some opions to get on with my life.

Thank you
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Your assessment of the situation is accurate.  Based on her admission of using condoms there is an excellent chance she is clean.  Most people do not lie about that when asked directly.  

However, risk is risk.  Unprotected penetration no matter how long or short does expose you.  Relax though.  Your chances of infection from a single exposure are 1-2000.  In your case based on her history is probably much lower than that.

Have an HIV Duo 4th gen test anytime after 4 weeks for a conclusive result.  If that is not available to you have a 3rd gen antibody test anytime 8 weeks post for an accurate result.  CDC says 12 weeks for a conclusive antibody test, but that is outdated information.  The sensitivity of today's 3rd gen tests are much more reliable in a smaller window period.

I have complete confidence you will be negative.  Think of it like this.  40-50 million people are living with HIV globally.  Out of a population of well over 6 BILLION!!  Your chanced she has HIV are barley over 1%.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.
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i will agree you with all the answer
but number of people in this world had increased to around 7 billion and the 3.5 million people are living with hiv and in which the large number are still in Africa countries around 69% of people with hiv living in africa the number may change its 2012 report and in all world their are 0.8% of peolpe in age of 15-49 age are infected , which mean remaining 99.2% are not infected ..

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