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HIV risk while vaginal sex and ejactulated in condom, vaginal blood was on condom

I visited massage centre, I had sex with unknown status girl, had sex with condom but as soon as enter with condom few second later I ejaculated in vagina  when  I see it was blood on condom, she bleed, I doubt blood might have gone inside condom might have mix with my sperm that I ejaculated, I am really worried please help me to know HIV risk
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If condom was on the whole time then no risk of HIV
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" I doubt (I assume you mean think, not doubt) blood might have gone inside condom".  It is impossible for blood to slide under the ring at the base of the condom. Your imagination is getting the better of your reasoning if you believe that could happen.
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I did not remove condom at all time it was there, but at the bottom of condom near the ring of condom a little blood was there on my skin near the ring so I immediately remove condom with tissue paper washed my hands with detol handwashing then washed part private parts but I am too scared because at the time of sex may be a little blood might have intered inside condom during sex, that's making me crazy I could not sleep because of dipression
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No reason to be depressed friend, you did NOT have a risk.  As long as the head of your penis was covered, you are safe.   You had ZERO risk.  
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Later on when I removed condom, I saw no blood inside condom but I am scared because may be during sex tiny blood touched my ejaculated sperm in condom that way can I contract hiv ? I am scared because the girl was working massage
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"Tiny blood touched my ejaculated sperm"  Your idea is unscientific so there is no logical way for me to respond. You don't need to look inside a condom to see if something burrowed its way through the latex - that's impossible.

Instead of wasting your life in fear, seek therapy or talk to your doctor because in a one on one discussion someone can explain how impossible your idea is.
This does not equal a risk, you had no risk. During intercourse, the head of your penis was covered which is all that matters.  Blood outside the vagina on your penis is not a risk. It is exposed to air which renders the virus inactive.  Even completely condom free vaginal sex carries a less than 1 percent chance of transmission!  So, you had a condom on, you had ZERO risk.  Regardless of whatever you found upon withdrawing from her vagina on your penis before or after removing the condom.  The urethra was covered so NO RISK.
Thank you for your answer, I have one more concern here, I forgot to inform. While I was with massage girl, I sucked her nipple also, it was few seconds but, and it was licking (not squeezing)  only lick from tongh to niple,  due to darkness in room I could not see if there was any breast milk while licking for few seconds please tell me does that pose HiV risk, I am worried
The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles.

Any other event that happens is NOT a risk for HIV.
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