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HIV risk

I am someone who worries WAY too much but for the sake of making me feel better I was wondering someone could tell me what the risk of contracting HIV was during an encounter I had. Here are the details. I was dating this guy, we had sex without protection once, well he put it in a pulled it out, so not really sex haha, but I am sure there may have been pre-cum and then there was an instance of oral (unprotected) where he did ejaculate and I did swallow. He turned out to be a raging ******* and is now with a new girl 1 week after we broke up. He told me he didnt have HIV but he lied about a bunch of other things and also couldn't tell me the last time he was tested. I also realize that 30% of people who have HIV dont actually know it. If someone could give me some insight, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm kinda a worry wart and I'm freaking out a little bit!
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Test at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive negative test. You probably need to have and STD panel done also. You can ask about the STDs on the STD Forum.
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Thanks Teak, What do you think the chances are? I know its highly unlikely to get HIV from oral sex according to my research... and pre-cum doesnt have a high concentration usually. The kid doesnt seem to be one to have HIV, neither of us are drug users, he has only slept with 4 people and we used condoms 98% of the time. He also just had surgery before we got together, so they would have tested him then correct? Thanks!
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I'm sorry I'm just so scared, I don't want 1 stupid choice that I made to literally take my life. I'm so young and I made a mistake and now I may have to live with that forever. I don't know that I can wait 3 months without actually going insane. Plus, I'm scared about the results, I have no one to go with me. Im just so scared.
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for starters...it is unlikely that this kid has hiv.  also...it is HIGHLY unlikely that you contracted hiv in the situation that you have described.  hiv is a very fragile virus and is not so easy to transmit even in perfect conditions.  "putting it in and pulling it back out" is not much of an exposure.

oral sex does NOT transmit hiv...ejacuation of not...swallowing makes no difference.

RELAX.  you can test at 6-8 weeks post exposure to get a good indication of your status...but follow up with that definitive result at 3 months.
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Lizzie Lou,
Thank you so much for your response, I know I'm crazy and worry too much, but a positive test result is something that I'm not sure I would be able to handle. I really appreciate you writing back to me. I have essentially made myself physically sick worrying about it. I know I'm a worry wart, but HIV is scary and I try my hardest to do it right but no one is perfect. I now know that I will get tested asap and that from now on there will be no sex unless my partner and I both go together to get tested.

In my psycho worrying state I read something about Europeans who have the CCR5 Delta 32 gene mutation being immune to HIV, my parents are both of European decent and we can trace my linage back to 1500 in Europe. I saw an article where someone who did have the CCR5 delta 32 gave a bone marrow transplant to an HIV positive cancer patient and how the patient was essentially "cured" (I use that term lightly because i don't know how accurate everything was). Do I think I am immune to HIV? no probably not, but i sure wish i had the CCR5 Delta 32 gene mutation, because not only would that protect me but I would probably donate all the bone marrow I could to help HIV + patients. If this article does hold true and I do have the genetic mutation, you can bet that I will be first in line to donate my bone marrow.

Thanks again for writing back. It means a lot to me, I don't really have anyone I can talk to about this.
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whoooooooooooooooa...you are putting way too much time and energy into researching hiv/aids...which in turn ADDS FUEL to the fire of your anxiety.

get off hiv/aids sites ! ! !  nothing that you can read right now will cease your worrying...only make you worry more.  again...from what you have described, it is unlikely that you were infected.  just test at the appropriate time.
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