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HIV risk

I had HIV combo test on 28 dec'18 which came out negative. Lab technician used vacutainer needle to draw blood but I din't see him taking new needle to tube but he was attaching needle to it. After 15 days of this incident I got swelling in left ear and 2 days later got cervical lymph node raised little bit and it was painful which subside after course of antibiotic. I am now feeling itching in back of my throat and fullness in both ears (no fever). My left nose also red tiny dots. Should I worried if he accidently attached used needle to it. My wife is also getting itchy ears now. Please advice will be very helpful. I am from India (Delhi). Should I retest. I have a daughter to takecare and very stressed bcoz of this. Is it possible to reuse vacutainer needle?
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You had no risk. Nothing you posted has anything at all to do with HIV.
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Can you suggest what causing all this? I am stressed bcoz we both getting same problem and my lymph node swelled up a bit and painfull to move my neck
How do you know it's swollen? Are you a doctor? You should not be poking at your lymph nodes because that causes them to get sore. Only a doctor can tell you if there is actual swelling. If you aren't feeling well then go see your doctor. But the fact remains that you were not exposed to HIV from anything you've posted.
I went to ENT doctor who told me that its swollen lymph node and he gave me antibiotic for it. Its reduced still painful though but I am getting itchy throat and red dots on nose
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Can someone pls suggest?
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First you said it went away after antibiotic. Now you say it is still painful, so your situation is straightforward. See a doctor to continue treating your lymph, instead of wasting your time making up science fiction HIV theories.
Yes swelling has reduced but I am still feeling pain in that area.
This is an hiv prevention forum, not a forum for people who won't see their doctor because they only believe their own science fiction theories about hiv.  
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Some underlying emotion, may be guilt of cheating or perhaps fear of infection leading to stigma and a lot of justification could be some of the reason in your case.  Mine's just a guess, you need to work with a counselor for fact-finding or rearrangement of thoughts since nothing points towards HIV.

What ever your discomforts are, mostly it is suggesting to be classic anxiety symptoms. It is no relation to HIV, because you didn't have a risk to begin with. You must be checking your body every now and then. You surely have no moment thinking and grieving about HIV. Your fears are irrational, seek help for the real problem, this forum is specific to HIV,  your answers are not here. You don't have HIV.

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