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Finger containing vaginal fluid , blood or brest milk touches inside of condom, the tip from inside,  then put it on , no sex only handjob ( assuming the finger to have fluid because my left two fingers where slipping continuously while opening the condom wrapper, didn't touch vagina directly, my fines where touching the area close to vagina , her panty near her vagina , her nipples , and her leg)
After the incident had two small itchy rash bump near the sole of my foot, stomach pain with bloating and loose stool, throat irritation while swallowing with slight pain in one side.
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You can not get HIV from someone touching the inside of the condom if (and you know, the iF's are almost always anxiety driven) they have vaginal fluid, blood or breast milk on their hand/fingers. Air inactivates the virus. AIR was present on their hands inactivating any virus . Air is always present in putting on a condom. You can't get HIV through hands. Nor are symptoms used to diagnose. You describe no risk at all for hiv. People only get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.
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My concern is the finger slipping while tearing the condom pack,( fingers might had some bodily fluid)
Do sometimes the finger slip while tearing condom wrapper
I was fully aware of what your concern is. Read what the risks are for HIV. Is hand job listed as a risk? It is not. no risk And condom breaks if one actually has sexual intercourse are quite noticeable. They are not missed. But you had a hand job and that is NEVER a risk. You didn't even need a condom for a hand job.
My concern is not about condom break but rather finger slipping while tearing the condom pack ( might had some bodily fluid in finger causing slipping and touched the inside part of the condom and put it on)
you did not have a risk from that, not sure how many times or how else I can say it. NO RISK
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