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HIV risks, ARS symptoms and seroconversion

Hi there,

Heres my story, ive had several sexual encounters for the past 3 months involving men whom Ive met online. I know the basics of HIV transmission and prevention and sadly Ive had some lapses on my decisions during those times. I've had unprotected insertive anal sex thrice with men claimed themselves to be "clean and disease free". Though their claims is not 100% reliable, we did it, I did not ejaculate inside them though and i remember doing the act for about 3-5minutes. (1) What are the risks of transmitting HIV from insertive anal assuming the bottom guy is HIV positive?

Another lapses on my part is unportected oral sex with ejaculation inside my mouth. I dont remember me having any cut or sore or gum bleeding during that time but im so scared, i didnt really checked it before. There are two occasions that after ejaculating in my mouth, ive used their cum as lube to masterbate my own member. That made me paranoid about it after realizing what i did. (2) What are the risks of infection giving those scenarios?

ARS symptoms - Those incidents happened in five occassion from July and last was 2nd 1st week of September. Towards the last week of |September, ive had this strange feeling of being sick (no symptoms associated), i just felt sick and lame, I initially thought I was justv tired from work and from moving my stuffs to a new place. This goes on until 2nd week of October will I was hit by a "flu like" sickness - sore throat for 2 days, nauseas but no vomitting, low grade fever on and off for a week, rashed on my upper legs (for 2-3 days) which I think of just an allergy from drinking whiskey which i used to have every now and then, no swollen lymph nodes, no diarrhea, low appetite (until now) and mild to severe fatigue. Ive taken Tylenol for flu on the duration of I started to feel better towards the end of October but the cold and cough stays, maybe because of my excessive smoking and beer drinking. But the worse part of all is the lingering fatigue untill now. Particularly on my legs, it was painful but its even terible when im just standing still. Its not painful but I can feel something is wrong with my legs. For a week, it stays but the peak was I can actually feel the sudden slight burst of blood in my veins, its not painful but I can feel it. One night i was just laying down my bed, that slight sudden burst was all over my legs, sometimes in my arms but moslty in my lower legs. It tamed down after that night but still persist untill now. I am so scared to visit a doctor, I have convinced myself that Ive catched the virus and I experience ARS and seroconversion. (3) What do you think about the above scenarios? Is it likely I had ARS and seroconverted? Can you actually feel seroconversion through those slight burst of blood in the veins, its more of like a worm moved under your skin. I asked a friend of mine and he too experience this once in a while.

Im so scared about this, and Im having difficult times thinking about this for the last 4 weeks. I know i should be tested, im just waiting for the window period to be over. Im panicking most of the time and cant concentrate on my job.

Right now, I only have occasional dry cough but maybe due to smoking,

Hope to find some insight about this. I appreciate your help. More power!

The last time I tested HIV negative was May this year as part of my insurance application. Nobody called back from them and I got insured, i will be surely notified if there would be some abnormal findings on my bloodworks. Anyways
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You can test 3 months after your last unprotected penetrative sex and your test will be conclusive.
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You should never take anyones word on their Hiv status because plenty of people lie about it.That being said you know what you have to do.Once 3 Months has past you can obtain your conclusive result.From your last unprotected exposure that is.Test for other STD's aswell.You will find that symptoms really mean nothing when diagnosing Hiv,only testing does.All the best.
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Thanks guys, I've never talked about this to anybody. I've just realized how foolish I am for not using a good judgememt. I was fairly good on safe sex practices until those lapses.I am really hell scared that my life will be over after a positive result. I am at the peak of my life and my family back home depends on me. I always freak out, getting up in the middle of the night thinking abt this. I can't concentrate anymore.

Sorry guys, just needed to vent out. Feels like I'm worthless and deserves the implications of my horrible decisions.
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Don't put the cart before the horse.You just need to have that test and collect your conclusive result.Your not worthless,your human.
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Your risk was not very great, so I wouldn't worry if I were you, anxiety may cause all of those symptoms you describe, but be safe next time.
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hi again, pls allow me to raise few more queries,

1. given the above symptoms, if its really ARS, do they occur all together at one time? i remember getting the cold and cough first( lasted for 10 days), then days after the sore throat that lasted for 2 days then a low grade fever that went on and off for a week. I just recalled having rashes on my upper legs, it was kinda itchy but went away couple of days after.

2. Things that still lingers until now is feeling of leg tiredness and the strange sudden burst or popping of my blood/veins under my skin.It was really intense, but not painful two weeks ago. It mellowed but its still there. Ive read about PN that usually a painful feeling of tingling, numbness and pricking in the feet and hands, this doesnt fit to describe my exact  situation but this is really bothering me. I also have this stange tiredness even after waking up from a full 8 hours of sleep. I can feel the usual numbness of my arms in the morning (as if you're been in that constant sleeping position for sometime). I couldnt even stand still for awhile coz my legs seems to be so tired. This is not normal for me coz Im been used to do this job that required long hours of standing. Maybe I am just too worried, anxious, depressed and guilty for my action but my mind aint playing any game. I tried to calm down and relax thinking it might help to get rid of this but this is really actually happening to me.  Ive read that ARS symptoms varies duration,severity from person and case basis,

Given the above scenario,(2) Is there any case of such even after the ARS had passed a month ago? (3) Can fatigue lingers for a while, as in months after the ARS (concurrent symptoms) has paases?

(4) Can somebody actually feel the actual seroconversion based on sudden small burst or popping of blood/veins? as if im actually feeling or thinking that my blood is converting and my immune system is on the fight of the virus.

(5) What are the odds are in favour of me given those irresponsible decisions I made?

Im really sorry about this lengthy thingy, as ive said, the though of this scare is consuming me hell big time. I swear, ive made my lesson very clear to me now.

please shed me some light here peeps.

god bless you all.


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1. All at once
2. Has nothing to do with HIV
3. Develops in the later stages of HIV
4. No
5. You want to play odds you go to the horse track
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thanks Teak! #5 made me smile.
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hi again, is ARS rash itchy? ty
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No it isn't.
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Hi Teak,

Thank you so much for answering my previous questions, please let me ask few more.

1. (a) How long the typical seroconversion last? If ive had it, woulb it be this long, 2 weeks of flu (cough and cold), with 2-3 days low grade fever then 2 days of sore throat, itchy rashes on my legs that for days. They came one after another except for 2 weeks of cough and cold.

2. Just to be more detailed, After assessing my own risk of getting infected based on the 2-6 weeks after potential exposure timeline, i ruled out the last unprotected insertive anal sex with a guy 1st week of September proceesing the onset of my syptoms 2-3 weeks after. This guy was pretty cautious aswell for having unprotected sex, he also told me not to cum inside him and asked me about my previous encounter which i told him was a month prior to that. Based on that, Ive assumed he's fine. He also mentioned that he doesnt really go for casual sex right away and wanted to be friends, but it happened anyways.  Ive also did two oral with guys within the week or two after that last unprotected anal sex. I understand that oral sex pose low risk as saliva neutralize the virus.

But the last guy i did oral with was a hard core, he did face **** me hard. I just realized i had some like bruises at the back of my upper lips, it didnt bleed though. He didnt cum aswell. He was tired from work. (b)  Is this a risk?

The first guy (July 20) told me that he is fairly new on sexual exploration, he is bisexual and a dad, 26 yrs old. We had few beers before having sex, it was protected at first, but then my member soften coz of the beers we had, when Im ready again, I asked him to if I can do him bare, an impairment on my part, he said OK so long Im clean, and I said yes. I didnt cum inside him, he finished first and took his cum and masterbate myself till i finished. I understand, the hiv exposed to air is fairly low or pose no transmission risk,(c) what is the risk i have of using his cum as lube to masterbate myself? cant remember any cut or bruise inmy shaft that time, i also used my own saliva to add up more lube

The second guy (Aug 10), i didnt ask him though, i just assume. He is fairly new to this place. He just landed over a month ago prior meeting him. He told me Im the first guy he meet to haver sex with. He did medical exams prior arriving here as part of his work permit. Given that part, i assumed he is clear of hiv. After that incident, i even phoned him and verified his hiv status, he said he is negative. We've meet twice again after that, but did mostly oral sex, no penetration.

Symptoms are notoriously unrealible diagnosing hiv as I always read from Dr. Bob, but then again, they will give you a hint on what to expect after you possible exposure. I've had many of those symptoms, and its getting clearer to me that I may have been infected. But based on your experience handling inquiries and from this forum, (d) how is it unlikely to have several symptoms (assuming one is having ARS / seroconversion) with no visible swollen lymph nodes, rashes that are not itchy? (e) Is it true that the three most common symptoms associated with acute hiv infections are fever, swollen lymph nodes and rashes mostly on trunks (upper body) that are not itchy? (f) Can somebody just have ARS without any of the three?

(g) Could this be just mono (IM) that i have, coz after those symptoms, the only lingering symptoms that I have is fatigue. Particularly on my legs, popping/burst of blood, worm like movement that is very brief but as ive said, one night while in bed, this thing was just all over my legs. Its like hundreds of worms were moving on my legs, the following day it ease up. It wasnt as bad as it used to be three weeks ago but its still there. Now its just my calves (muscles that i feel like sore) that I feel really weak mostly as soon as I woke up in the morning then went to ease up as the day progress. Lately my feet feels cold, it could be just winter but i have my heater on. Its like i came from a leg workout, of a long bike ride.  I have obeserved this changes three days ago.

Im so sorry for bugging you, you're the only person that i have to talked and asked with. My situtation is really hard now, im not with my family and a positive result will for sure jeopardize my plan of staying here for good.

Thanks again.
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1. 1-2 weeks
2.  not all people that are infected have symptoms nor does it take only ejaculation to transmit HIV.

oral sex is not a risk of HIV transmission.

You never take anyone's word for their status.

A person'a symptoms is diagnosed as ARS after they have received a confirmed HIV postive test result, not before.  

The only way to know your status is by testing.
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Hi All,

Just wanna share that I just got my negative result recently. It took me 6 long months to finally face and end this ordeal. I definitely learned a lot from this experience and will do my best not be in the same situation.

Thank you so much for answering my questions. Now i know that symptoms or lack of it isnt a good gauge to know your sero status.

Best wishes to All!
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congratz sir on ur nice result, may i know what test did u take?  and do u still having the symptoms including things like white tongue and grumbling stomach? those are some that im feeling now
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