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HIV risk...shingles?

hi, I am very worried.

I recently came back from an 8 month trip traveling around latin America, and occasionally during this trip I found myself on "lads nights out" and we visited brothels. I never had any unprotected vaginal sex with any prostitutes and always used a condom, but occasionally some of them gave me unprotected oral, and in some of the more upmarket brothels I gave oral to them a few times. About 12 days after I came back and about 2 weeks after my last encounter in one of these places I noticed a shingles style rash on my inner thigh. It is 2 circular rashes about the size of a camera button and I have had it for around 4 or 5 days and only now is it starting to itch and burn a little. My eyes have also gone red and itchy, but there are no signs of anything wrong with my penis, although it did itch very slightly for a few days around the same time as I noticed the rash, then stopped. I have o other symptoms of any STD apart from this. I have been for an STD test and the doctors who examined the rash said it didn't look like anything sexually transmitted but said it could be shingles. Based on the info above what chances I may have contracted something like HIV or herpes??

I am very very VERY worried about this and cannot stop thinking about it

thanks in advance to whoever replies to this post
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you do not have a hiv concern.
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Sounds nothing like HIV or Herpes.   An STD would be on your testicles or penis.  

Possibly you have an ingrown hair?  Whatever it is...It's not HIV or an STD.

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Believe me, if it were shingles, you'd know, it feels like a burning pain, like you know when you've burnt yourself with the iron or something. I am sure you know that shingles is a herpes virus, but its different from herpes simplex which you are worried about, I think its called Herpes Zoster, could be wrong.
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Thank you so much for your replies!

so it doesn't even sound like HSV 2?
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actually it has started burning, if it were bigger I am sure it would hurt more but due to the size of the rash the burning is likewise limited. My Doctor gave me anti-viral medication for shingles anyway. I am still really worried though, why would I at 32 yrs old have this (if it IS shingles)?
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continue to see your doctor if you are having health problems.

it is NOT hiv related.
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My shingles was the size of a bottle top, and burnt like a BBQ, believe me. Plus the anti-viral medication is only warranted if the mark is on your face!! You don't even need it.
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The following antiviral medications are given in some cases for shingles Acyclovir, Famciclovir, or Valacyclovir, to reduce the pain and the duration of shingles.
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