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HIV scare.?

I recently went to a gay bar and was high on mdma I remember being in a toilet with a transgender kissing and possibly
More but cannot remember, it all was a blackout , I’m sure if I was penetrated in my anus the next day I would of felt sore and would of known as I’ve never had anal ? I’m really worried ,this is what scares me ,This is day 13 after exposure I went to my gp and had gave a urine test and blood , results came back all negative but I’m worried about hiv I really am not coping mentally well ,when is earliest I can get a test with accurate results to ease my anxiety?
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It's not clear what are you trying to tell us from your information.

Please answer specifically, were you or were you not penetrated in to your anus?

Molly sure can cause intense hallucinations, so be sure of what you are telling us, whether it was reality or just a trip.

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