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HIV scared

sorry for my bad English, I made great stupidity. My HIV status is neg..I visited a massage parlor....I was extremely drunk..I took two girls in the room, but for the misstake....first girl put on me a condom, and make me oral ..I don't remember whether I ejaculated....I was sleeping....I don't remember yet, but when but when I woke up i have  condom on penis..I don't remember having inserting vaginal sex, but only oral...I'm scared to death.I'm afraid I will endanger the family, sorry , please help me...
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"A few of my friends told me,to forget about it, it was just a problem in my head and that i just slept in a high-priced hotel. "

You don't believe anything that anyone here or your friends say. Obviously the csw were happy that you just slept, so they wouldn't give you vaginal but you won't believe it. At this point your anxiety is a bit of a mental health issue, so see  a therapist. No one here can provide the therapy that you need to control your imagination, because your idea doesn't even make any sense.
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Hi everybody,
Thank you all,
I still don't remember having vaginal, anal, protected or unprotected sexual intercourse.:(
But I said that before.

Yesterday I was on a test (HIV + Syphilis package), it was day 29 after a possible (or virtual) exposure. :)
The doctor told me that the HIV blood test is 4th generation ab ag duo.
They were laboratory tests.

This is my results:
S_anti-HIV 1/2 p24 Ag (ECLIA) neg.
S_anti-T.pallidum IgM + IgG (ECLIA) 0.077 COI neg. (cut-off> = 1.0)

1) I only see Ag in HIV results. Is it the 4th generation test according to the results representation?

2) You claim that 28 day test after exposure is conclusive, but Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield and MDand Edward W. Hook M.D. in another forum (ask experts) say that after reviewing the CDC's recommendations, the 6-week test (42 days +) is conclusive.

Thank you for your answers :)
Please see a therapist. Your test is 100% conclusive because you did not have a risk for HIV.
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I am afraid, we can't provide you anxiety support here. You stated the other day that you were incapable of engaging in any thing that could put you at a risk for HIV transmission due to being in state of inebriation.

My fellow members did put together some good piece of information to rationalize your situation. You also always have the option of going back to the massage place and talking to them to figure what exactly happened. Now, there is no point in going back and forth with this, your repeat post is clearly anxiety driven.

If somehow you figure that you actually had unprotected vaginal or anal sex, you could take a duo test at 28 days and move on.

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Hi again,
thank you for your support and your great work.

Please one more time..,please..
That is true, nothing more nothing less, the absolute truth does not hide anything

The fact:
- i was completely extremly drunk in the massage parlor, and i got two girls in the room
- after the shower, one girl was giving me a massage second put on my condom and   made me oral with condom
- i don't know if i ejaculated, i probably overslept
- every hour they woke me up whether i want to pay extra for an hour, i gave them    money and slept (about 2x)
- in the morning they woke me up to leave
- when i dressed, i found condom on my penis
- i put it down, and left home
- according to my judgment, the condom was fine

According to these facts, think that was at risk of HIV????
Or is only in my head,the brain works (why?? what about when ?? what if ??)
I'm scared, but i want to be responsible,

A few of my friends told me,to forget about it, it was just a problem in my head and that i just slept in a high-priced hotel.

PS> today i was on the tests HIV, Hep A, B,  all NEG (I know, it's only 4 days after, the results aren't confirming, but i take them as a starting line). The DOC say test after 6 weeks. 6 months, 12 months
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I do not want to go there anyway, no one would tell me the truth, I have the impression that in the state I was, so most likely I was not able to do anything..
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There you go, you solved your own puzzle. So it's time to move on.
You can't have vaginal intercourse with a woman when you are asleep. You would wake up very soon, and they wouldn't do it without a condom anyway.
Also, the workers don't want to have sex with you unless you are paying, so they aren't going to do it when you are asleep. they might pretend they had sex with you to make you pay though.
See a therapist because none of your fear makes sense - your anxiety is overpowering your reasoning, if you think a sex worker even wanted to have sex with you while you were asleep, just for a fun freebie.
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Oral sex was with a condom, but I don't remember more ... I probably overslept, I don't know if there was sex, you think I'd remember it?
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Only you should be aware of what exactly happened. Logically, CSWs would care for their own safety, so they must have insisted on usage of condom. Also, you did specify that you were wearing a condom.

Your best option is to probably reach out to the massage parlor and figure what happened. We can only guess from here, you need to figure your own stuff.

If you are confident that you didn't have unprotected vaginal or anal sex, you have nothing to worry.
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Condoms prevent HIV transmission. Oral sex even with out a condom is not a risk. You do not need to test for this event.

Please see a counselor for your anxiety, we can't help you with that since we are only specific to HIV prevention.
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